'Vinyl' Will Get A Second Season

Less than a week after its first episode, a two-hour pilot, aired on HBO, Vinyl has been renewed for a second season. Deadline reported that the cable channel had already begun planning for Season 2 before Season 1 even hit the airwaves, and given the series' generally positive reception based on its first episode, it's a logical choice for renewal. Still, the announcement comes pretty early in the Scorsese-directed series' lifetime; its first and only episode thus far just aired days ago. So when will Vinyl Season 2 premiere?

Based on the first season's timeline, it's likely that Season 2 will not arrive till 2017. Vinyl's first season premiered February 14 — just four days ago — and HBO series tend to run on a year-by-year timeline. With most of its biggest series premieres occurring mid-year, it makes sense for HBO to run a marquee-name series on a different timeline. Game of Thrones and Girls — two of the channel's biggest draws — both run throughout the spring, and Vinyl, supported by names like Mick Jagger, Scorsese, Olivia Wilde, and Juno Temple, encourages an audience at a usually muted time of year.

Vinyl tells the story of a record label executive played by Bobby Canavale, trying to resuscitate his floundering business while struggling with his own personal demons on the side. It's a largely fictionalized account of the '70s rock scene, though the invented characters occasionally come face-to-face with real personalities like Alice Cooper and Elvis Presley (all depicted by actors). The history of the arts and music scene also informs the backdrop for various characters — Olivia Wilde's Devon was once linked to Andy Warhol, and Jagger's own experiences play a part in the depiction, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Since just one segment of Vinyl's first season has been released thus far, there's no telling where Season 2 will take us. A few suggestions: Mixtape; mp3; CD-ROM; CD-RW; TIDAL. Scorsese? Anyone?