12 Statement Keychains To Update Your Old Bag

With every season that comes and goes, there's a trend that rides along with it. And this spring season, I'm calling it: The statement keychain is the one bold piece that every fashion It girl will be rocking. Think faux fur balls, tassels for days, hardware galore, and any other crazy detail you can think of.

While we still love the minimalist trend (I don't think I'll ever get rid of my boxy silhouette trousers, white tees, and my white tennis shoes), sometimes, the bigger, the wilder, the better. Case in point: The Fendi playful creatures that took the style world by storm, thanks to fashion bloggers everywhere, and of course, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who have all been spotted rocking this super cute trend.

Alas, not all of us can afford designer fluffy monsters, so we have to do a little improvisation. And with the rise of fringe and tassels, the statement keychain trend is one that's actually pretty accessible, and you can even make some of your own! If you've got a keychain chain (is that confusing enough) and a little trinket of your own, get your creative juices flowing and using crazy glue and some needle and thread, you might just have the accessory of your dreams.

For worriers like me, this trend is a godsend. I can barely leave my apartment in the morning, since I've convinced myself that I've left the oven on. Seriously, I check that sh*t at least three times before I walk out of the door. And in some cases, I've even gone back to my apartment after reaching the subway station. (And of course, it's not on.) Amidst all the chaos and stress in my life, the statement keychain helps keep me sane because I'll always know that my keys are with me from now on. Rather than rummaging through the vast void of straws, coins, and receipts, I can take one look and bam, yep, they're in there.

Trying to join the revolution? Check out some of these, below.

1. The Infamous Pom

Adrienne Landau Fox Fur Pom-Pom Keychain, $98,

Because (faux) furry is fun.

1. The Double Tassel

Kate Spade New York Double Leather Tassel Keychain, $48,

Who can resist this keychain in this super cute color?

3. All About The Love

Stella McCartney Love Keychain, $165,

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw sees the Love keychain and opens up all her emails from Big? Maybe you'll have that moment with this. But probably not.

4. Put A Ring On It

Doiy Red Diamond Keychain, $9.50,

If you liked your keys, then you should've put a ring on it.

5. Neon Hair

True Colors Hair Keychain, $40,

In case ya need something to brain in your spare time.

6. Moschino, Duh

Moschino Keychain, $125,

I mean, this is a pretty firm statement.

7. Bunny Rabbit

ASOS Rabbit Pom Keychain, $14,

This is so cute, I almost can't stand it.

8. The Leggy Number

Legs Keychain, $125,

It's official: I've found my favorite one.

9. One For Good Luck

Georgia Perry Fingers Crossed Key Ring, $20,

In case you're one that needs it all the time.

10. The Label Keychain

Psycho Keytag, $15,

This is a statement, for sure.

11. For The Always Hungry

Bento Box Keychain, $6,

....Aka, me.

12. Seal It With A Kiss

Cella Keychain, $125,

Love to pucker up? This flirty little piece was made just for you.