Justin Bieber's Plane Was Grounded in New Jersey

UPDATE: False alarm! According to NBC News, a source says a search of the pop star's plane did not turn up contraband. EARLIER: Just as Justin Bieber's legal troubles are starting to take off, the pop star has been grounded. And, no, we're not talking about a time-out. ABC News reports Bieber's airplane was held at a New Jersey airport following suspicion that marijuana was on board the flight. Details surrounding the incident are still sketchy, with sources telling ABC News that Customs and Border Protection searched the aircraft after smelling marijuana. According to those at the scene, that the singer is currently being interviewed, and may be forced to turn around his plane. (To Colorado, perhaps?)

Of course, this is just the latest setback for the pop star, who was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence earlier this month. And, just days ago, Bieber faced assault charges in his home country in Canada. Someone grab Daniel Powder, because Bieber has had a really, really bad week.

Bieber's reps have yet to respond to Bustle's request for comment, but it's likely his fans will soon take to Twitter to speak on his behalf. This, however, is good news for those who have jumpstarted a petition to deport Bieber following his alleged criminal activity. (Here's guessing that, following this incident, the petition will snag quite a few more signatures — just from airline employees alone.) But, for now, all we have to rely on is this "picture" of the singer's grounded airplane: