5 Ways To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine

Confession: I have a big thing for skincare products. I'm pretty much a regular at my local cosmetics store, but I usually skip eyeshadow palettes in favor of exfoliators and night masks. I like to think my shopping habit is well-justified: skincare is a never-ending educational endeavor, so it's important to test new products.

I end up switching up my skincare routine for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the changing of the seasons. In the winter, my skin becomes extra-dry and irritated, while in the summer, I'm plagued with an oily T-zone and visible pores. Secondly, I've noticed that my skin will subtly change over time, and certain tried-and-true products will stop working for me. And lastly, there's always a reason to buy new skincare products... right?

As a general tip for changing your routine, it’s best to start out slowly. Try one new product at a time so if you have an unwanted reaction to something, you’ll know the culprit. (And if you have awesome results, you'll know which products are working for you!)

In partnership with TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume, here are a few easy ways to tweak your skincare regime.

Try A Toner For Dry Skin Relief

Hear me out. This may seem counterintuitive at first, since toners are thought of as rather acidic. But actually, water-based toners with botanical ingredients (like rosewater) can “prime” the skin after cleansing by balancing pH levels and getting rid of any residue. This allows skin to better absorb moisturizer. I found adding an alcohol-free toner to my nighttime ritual was the trick to finally getting rid of unsightly dry patches during the winter.

Make A DIY Face Scrub

Microbeads — those tiny, non-dissolving balls found in many exfoliators and body scrubs — were recently discovered to be a major pollutant in our water systems and subsequently banned. In case you’re still trying to find a new way to scrub away dead skin from your face, don’t worry: there are plenty of great products out there. I love Ole Henricksen Walnut Complexion Scrub because it’s not too abrasive and smells great. Another fun option is to make your own scrub with basic kitchen ingredients. Check out this roundup of easy DIY face scrubs from Brit & Co.

Use Different Moisturizers For Morning And Night

It should go without saying, we have different needs for different times of the day. Think: coffee vs. chamomile tea. In the morning, reach for a lightweight moisturizer with SPF, something that won’t feel greasy or heavy under makeup while also offering UV protection. Before bed, opt for a specially-designed night cream, like this one from First Aid Beauty. Night creams contain heavier, slow-absorbing moisturizers designed to penetrate the skin over the course of several hours. This is also the right time to go for anti-aging formulas, if that’s your jam. In other words, put your skin to work while you sleep.

Pair Sunscreen With An Antioxidant Serum

Certain products work better in tandem. You’re already wearing sunscreen every day (ahem, right?). Try pairing it with an antioxidant serum, which serves to protect against free radicals that speed up skin aging. Many modern-day sunscreens already have antioxidants in them, which is great. However, an antioxidant serum penetrates the skin better and, once absorbed, even offers a small amount of SPF protection that lasts several days. Apply serum after cleansing, wait for it to absorb, then apply sunscreen. Talk about the ultimate power couple.

Add Micellar Water To Your Lineup

What is micellar water, besides the hot new trend in skincare? Well, it looks and sort of feels like regular water, but it contains tiny balls of cleansing oil called micelles (duh) that draw out dirt and oil without drying the skin. This stuff can straight up replace water in your cleansing routine, so it’ll come in handy for when you’re traveling somewhere with harsh water that may otherwise freak out your skin. Try this affordable version from Simple.

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