Elena Is Alive On 'The Vampire Diaries,' So We Can All Breathe A Collective Sigh Of Relief

Do you hear that? It's the sound of every TVD fan breathing a collective sigh of relief over the fact that Elena is still alive on The Vampire Diaries . That's right, everyone, we were right to be suspicious of Damon's hallucinogenic nightmare because that's exactly what it was — a nightmare. A completely beautiful, fictitious nightmare that didn't actually happen at all. Damon didn't actually burn Elena's body. The Phoenix Stone was just making him think that he did. Luckily, though, Enzo and Tyler have been working together for some time now and decided to set up a decoy coffin just in case something like this ever happened. (That's boy scout-level preparation, my friends.)

Earlier in Friday night's episode "This Woman's Work," I thought it was odd that Enzo knew about what happened to Elena and now I see that it really was a clue and proved that he was behind this very stressful hoodwink. But I honestly couldn't be more thrilled about it. Elena is OK. Elena is OK. I seriously can't stop saying it. (And here we all thought that "I love you" were the best three little words anyone could ever hear.) However, that still leaves us with one question to contemplate — who are these mutual friends that Enzo was referring to?

While explaining everything to Damon, Enzo mentioned that Elena is being looked after in New York by mutual friends of both his and Tyler's. And given that I don't ever remember Tyler and Enzo hanging out ever on this show, I find it interesting that they have common connections. In fact, they don't even run in the same supernatural circles since one is a vampire and the other is a werewolf. So I'm curious to find out who they entrusted with such an important task.

But forget about all that for now. ELENA IS ALIVE. That means Nina Dobrev can still return at some point throughout the series. Our hope has been restored and I can't think of a better reason to celebrate.

Image: Bob Mahoney/The CW