How Does Enzo Know Elena Was Burned On 'The Vampire Diaries'? This Might Be A Very Important Clue

I may be grasping at straws here, but does anyone else find it a bit puzzling how Enzo knows that Damon burned Elena's body on The Vampire Diaries ? I don't recall him being anywhere near that storage unit when Damon was having his little hallucination spell, and given that we haven't seen hide nor hair of Tyler since he got knocked out cold, Enzo's knowledge of all this just doesn't make sense. That is, unless he's somehow involved in what happened to Elena. We know that Matt handed Enzo over to some sort of mysterious group — that of which he still seems to be working for. It's unclear what exactly he's been doing with them (though, it seems to somehow involve this Rayna Cruz huntress), but who's to say that this couldn't also be a clue that Elena is still alive?

Hear me out for a minute, guys. Stefan only just found out about Elena's tragic fate and it's not as if Damon is all that eager to start telling people about it. He couldn't even manage to tell Bonnie, his all-time BFF. So the only way Enzo would know about Elena's fiery demise was if he was a.) there to witness it firsthand, which he wasn't, b.) psychic, which seems highly unlikely, or c.) he's played a part in this little cover up. Now, out of all these options, which one seems more likely?

Enzo seems to be playing a much bigger game than any of our other Mystic Falls characters lately. He knows more than he's willing to share, which proves that he has something worth hiding. Maybe he's doing it all for their own good and secretly working to help them all out of his mess. Or maybe he's simply just trying to save his own skin. Either scenario seems possible. But when someone goes away for mysterious reasons on this show, you better believe it's for a specific purpose. Let's just hope that it's an explanation that involves Elena remaining in the land of the living. Update: Enzo later confirmed in the episode that Elena is alive and well, so yay!

Image: Carin Baer/The CW