Jon Snow Understands Your Life Struggles

The sexiest bastard of Winterfell, aka Jon Snow from HBO's Game of Thrones , has had a tough go of things. I mean, he lives in a world filled with fire-breathing dragons, murderous teenage kings, and he even had to murder his one and only girlfriend. Lastly, and mostly importantly, he also knows the struggle of keeping his luscious locks perky during cold winter months. Because ugh — winter is the worst. Jon Snow knows pain. He knows your pain. In fact, he knows your pain so well, often times, Jon Snow's scenes sum up your life struggles.

You might be thinking, "what could I possibly have in common with a fictional character living in a medieval fantasy world?" If you are, well, the answer is everything. Sure, you will never look as good as Jon Snow in a fur coat — I mean, the man looks absolutely dashing, and it takes a lot of confidence to pull off a fur coat (just ask J. Lo). But, that doesn't mean that Jon can't identify with your struggles. It is important to keep in mind that, contrary to what Ygritte says, Jon Snow knows things, and these things are totally pertinent to your life.

So without further ado, I introduce Jon Snow, who totally gets you:

When The Lights Turn On At The Bar And You See Who You've Been Talking To

No, that guy isn't cute. He never was cute. Your whole evening has been an elaborate charade.

When You Find The Perfect Vacay Fling


When You Are Outsmarted By Technology

You win again, Steve Jobs.

When Someone Says They Support Trump

Wait, why? But seriously, can you try explaining this to me?

When You Get Your Period In The Middle Of The Night

Maybe if I don't move, I won't ruin my $100 Anthropologie sheets. Maybe.

When You Get To That Part Of A Date

This is going down, for real.


Adult sleepovers are fun until someone rolls over and yanks out a wad of your hair.

When You Get Back With Your Ex

We all feel ya.

When Your Mom Asks You To Help Around The House

May the record show I am doing this under distress.

When Someone Says They Are Not A "Dog Person"

Dog Hater < Joffrey. Yeah, I said it.

When Starbucks Misspells Your Name

Thank you, Starbucks barista, for finding new and creative ways to ruin my day.

Running On The Treadmill At The Gym

I am a badass warrior woman fighting against the patriarchy.

When Your Crush Says They Just Wanna Be Friends

Um, OK. I'm totally not dying on the inside.

When Your Aunt Asks If You Are Single

Lolz. Maybe. I don't know. That's a tough question — stop asking hard questions

When Someone Asks If You Know How To Do Your Taxes

Spoiler Alert: you don't really know how to do your taxes.

When The Bartender Ignores You

She doesn't care and it's so freaking tragic.

After You Get A Blow Out

Gurl, you know you look good.

When The Snow Messes Up Your Blow Out

Oh, the humanity.

When Someone Asks Why You Are A Feminist

Oh, you silly human asking silly questions.

When You Wear Your Cute Suede Booties And It Snows

R.I.P, homie.

When Your Bestie Orders Tequila Shots

But then you do anyways.

When You Third Wheel It

Ride that awkward tricycle all night. Embrace the third wheel, be the third wheel.

Before You Start A Spin Class

I am the Lance Armstrong of drug-free stationary bike riding.

After Spin Class

I think I died.

When You Are On Tinder Looking For Love

A surefire way to weed out the weirdos.

Lady Pains

Long hair plus lip gloss on a windy day means it is going to be a long day.

When You Are In Need Of Eye Candy

Jon Snow is always willing to oblige.

Thank you, Jon Snow, for being all that you can be. I look forward to more relatable moments from you as you seek to revenge for family, battle zombies, and sword fight your way into more people's heart. Stay strong, Jon.

Images: HBO; Giphy (27)