More Info About The 'GG' Revival!

If you are still unhappy about April Nardini's return to the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, then it's officially time to stop hating and learn to embrace Luke's adorably geeky daughter. I know it's not easy to hear, but trust me — it needs to be done. As a shipper herself, even the woman behind April, Vanessa Marano, (currently best known for her role on Switched at Birth), feels Luke and Lorelai shippers' pain — and though Luke's treatment of Lorelai when he found out about April was a factor in their breakup, the last thing she wants is for then to be apart. If you're having trouble accepting, though, good news: In a recent interview with Just Jared Jr., Marano dropped some major Gilmore Girls revival hints, including a bit of information that could give Luke and Lorelai fans a reason for hope.

Marano covered everything from what it was like to be on set again to the one thing she insisted April have, and the couple she is rooting for the most. Trust me, Gilmore Girls fans, Marano is not the enemy of your favorite ship — and she may actually geek out over the show more than you do. At the very least, you have to appreciate how talkative Marano is about April's return because every hint she dropped also brings you one step closer to having a decent idea of what will be going on with Luke in the revival.

These are the juiciest tidbits Marano revealed in her Just Jared Jr. interview. Prepare to send April an apology note, because the kid did good this time.

April Will Now "Just Be Part Of The Family"

Marano said that, thus far, her time as a grown up April has been drama-free — but the most interesting factoid she dropped is definitely this: "There’s no drama that April is at the center of in this revival, which is so nice. She’s just kind of there, being a part of the family, which is awesome."

Being part of the family? And what family would that be, Marano? Because when I think family, I think the Gilmores. You guys, this is the closest any cast member has come to saying Luke and Lorelai are together. It's hard to read that April is part of the family and not immediately see her hanging out with Luke, Lorelai, Rory, and Paul Anka in the Gilmore kitchen.

While A Lot Has Changed For April, Some Things Stay The Same

Commence awwing now, because Marano told Just Jared Jr. she insisted on April wearing glasses in the revival. While she will be as bespectacled and brilliant as ever, when April returns she will be a college graduate thinking about pursuing grad school. She will also be going through some "changes" that Marano didn't elaborate on, but which I am now very curious about.

April Is In Her Cousin's Corner

Marano is a Luke and Lorelai shipper, but she is also firmly on Team Jess when it comes to Rory. So, yes, even April wants Jess and Rory to get together. As Marano put it in her Just Jared Jr. interview, "I think that they offered each other things that no other couple, for Rory, on the show, has really offered." YASSS.

April Is Luke's Daughter In More Ways Than One

While talking about the things she knows about April that no one else does, Marano mentioned the scene in Season 6 where April chose filling salt shakers over coloring. She notes, "She truly is the daughter of a diner." While I doubt April will be choosing running the family business over becoming a scientist, it warms my heart to think of her appreciation for her father's diner growing deeper over the years.

April has been part of the Gilmore Girls family since she walked into Luke's Diner in Season 6, but here's hoping Marano's comments on family mean she will be part of Gilmore family in the revival. The Danes-Gilmore clan needs to make things official already.

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