Ben's Finally The One Crying On 'The Bachelor'

I've been saying since limo arrivals that Ben Higgins has had a connection with Lauren B. on The Bachelor that he doesn't have with anyone else, and Monday night's episode provided even more proof. After the other women have slowly begun to point out that Ben obviously has something special with her, it's no surprise that she made it to hometown dates... and that, after meeting Lauren's family, Ben realized that his feelings for her are super real. Ben cried over Lauren while talking to her sister during his visit to Lauren's hometown, and it was all the evidence you need that these two definitely need to end up together.

At first, Lauren's family, especially her sister, Mollie, wasn't convinced that this whole Bachelor deal was the real deal. So during dinner, her sis took Ben aside to have a heart-to-heart. She asked all the hard questions that family typically asks the Bachelor during these things every season — how do I know you're being sincere when you're still dating all those other women, that kind of thing. But, it wasn't until Mollie brought up how special Lauren was and asked Ben to explain why he likes her that the waterworks started flowing.

Watching that moment unfold made me think that Ben was really realizing the depth of his feelings for Lauren as he tried to articulate them for the first time. Either way, it really seems like he is falling for Lauren, and in that moment, he managed to win Mollie over, even though she'd been a little skeptical of him until that point.

If hometown dates were the sole indicator of how this thing ends up, I'd say Lauren is winning that Neil Lane ring by a landslide. But, there are still other women in the mix, and if I were them? I'd be threatened by Lauren too. Tears don't lie!

Image: Levy Moroshan/ABC