JoJo Had Drama On Her 'Bachelor' Hometown Date

It’s not a season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette without an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, and Ben Higgins’ season waited until the very end to give us what we wanted. It turns out that JoJo’s ex-boyfriend, Chad (because of course his name is Chad), is singing the Jackson 5, because he wants her back. In fact, he left a bouquet of roses and a card for JoJo telling her that he wants her back and that he loves her and yadda yadda yadda. Basically, JoJo’s ex is definitely not over her despite breaking up with her. Yeah, that's right, he dumped JoJo and now that she's all famous on a show he wants her back.

Luckily, JoJo handled the situation, and she did it fast. She got Chad (ugh) on the phone, and he said all of these half-baked things to her about wanting her back (and it all sounded like he was reading off of a script). Instead of falling back into Chad’s snare, JoJo was basically like, “You didn’t do enough while we were together, so bye, dude,” and hung up the phone. She was pretty upset when Ben showed up, but she explained the situation and Ben was happy that she put the kibosh on the whole thing. I mean, Chad — who do you think you are? Leave JoJo alone and let her find love.

If Chad’s letter was real (I’m going to be naïve and assume it was and wasn’t from a producer or something), he’s got a lot of nerve coming in hot and trying to take JoJo away from Ben. Ben really took it all in stride — after all, it’s not the first time they’ve talked about Chad. On JoJo and Ben’s first one-on-one date, JoJo told Ben that she and Chad broke up about five months before filming started on The Bachelor (so, around April), and that she was crushed by it. Ben listened and he got it — after all, he’s been brokenhearted before, too. Will Chad’s presence on JoJo’s hometown date ruin her relationship with Ben? I don’t think so — Ben seems secure enough to let the past stay in the past. Winning her family over? That may be something different altogether.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC