JoJo's Brother Isn't Being Fair On 'The Bachelor'

Bachelor Ben Higgins said that right off the bat, he knew that JoJo’s brothers would be “tough to crack," on The Bachelor and damn, he wasn’t kidding. I get family being protective of a member, but JoJo’s brother Ben Patton went way above and beyond protective during her hometown date on The Bachelor. The funny thing though is that Ben Patton looked for love on reality television, too, so it’s totally not fair that he’s giving her a hard time — it’s pretty hypocritical, actually.

It's true — Ben Patton was a contestant on Eva Longoria's short-lived reality television show Ready for Love. The show had three bachelors and 36 bachelorettes competing for their own respective happily ever after, and Ben was one of those bachelors. Essentially, he did the exact same thing that Ben Higgins is doing right now. Ben Patton chose a winner on Ready for Love when it wrapped. It didn't last, but his love for reality television did — Life & Style reported in 2013 that Ben was dating Jamie Otis, a Bachelor alum that appeared on Ben Flajnik's season. Pot, meet kettle.

Ben and JoJo's other brother, Martin, accused Ben Higgins of being coached to say certain things to the women on The Bachelor, and they basically said that he was brainwashing the women on the show to love him. I mean, what? I'm so not down with this "do as I say, not as I do" nonsense considering Ben Patton was also on a reality love show, especially because we all saw the effect it had on JoJo. Her brothers boxed her out of Ben Higgins' heart by attacking him and not trying to at least meet him halfway on this weird journey that we call The Bachelor. Ben Higgins left the night confused, and I have to tell you, so did I.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC