You Can Anonymously Send Cologne To Smelly Friends

by Dasha Fayvinova
Kadek Bonit Permadi/E+/Getty Images

The struggle of being honest with your friends is an age old dilemma I never thought someone would be able to solve. I guess I was wrong, because now you can send cologne wipes to smelly friends anonymously over the Internet. My Friend Smells have just launched their website, an official new way to passive-aggressively let your friend know they smell ... without actually having to get your human self involved. The website allows "the non-confrontational friends of smelly men and women to send either individual cologne wipes ($1.99) or even a 4 pack ($4.99) in the hopes of conquering bad BO, once and for all". With this at our fingertips, we have to ask: Is this a cowardly thing to do? Or rather, in pursuit of a most noble goal?

Being honest and critical with your friends is not easy. Not everyone has the ability to be frank and open about certain topics. When it comes to friendships, telling someone you care about something that can hurt their feelings — even if it's not at all personal — is really difficult. When I was younger, I never wanted to upset anyone. I avoided confrontation at all costs. As I got older I learned to be more open and easy-going, making sure that my friends knew I was the one to turn to when they needed an honest opinion. Oh, how I wish I had this service when I was in middle school. I would send a thousand packets straight to the main office and we could all revel in the sweet-smelling glory, and none of us would ever wonder if we should tell our BFFs the truth about their post-gym odors.

So for those of you who really struggle with being upfront even in adulthood, well, here's how this goes down:

Three Simple Steps

This entire process is fairly simple. All you really need is an address and your credit card.

As the creators of this website point out, “Everyone has a stinky friend. A classmate, co-worker, boss, sibling or other stank suspect." Not only did this company introduce me to an amazing term "stank suspect," they provided a service that can better everyone's lives.


Will the people you are sending this to know that you were the sender? No. "The site boasts complete anonymity for the sender," allowing you to be comfortably honest without drawbacks.


Obviously, this website would be perfect for a prank. Sending one of these to your friend every day for a month would be costly, but totally worth it in the end. Just imagine how confused they would be if you just keep ordering more and more of the cologne packets to show up at their door! Especially to those friends who usually get compliments on how good they smell.

Or you could go the old-fashioned, slightly more humane route and send anonymous glitter. Either way, godspeed.

Images: Kadek Bonit Permadi/E+/Getty Images; My Friend Smells; Giphy