Kim Fields' Husband Is A Jack Of All Trades

Just like the previous new girls before her, Kim Fields has been put through the ringer as a cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She does not exactly fit in with the loud mouthed, shade throwing, booty shaking ladies in the cast. And they have really come for her... and then back peddled and come for her again. The Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies even attacked Kim's husband, a man who they barely know anything about. So, what's his deal anyway? What does Kim Fields' husband Christopher Morgan do for a living?

I had never heard of him until his wife became a cast member on the reality show, but I'm kind of surprised that I didn't know who Christopher was because he seems to be a jack of all trades. Kim's husband is a singer, dancer, and actor. And with all that entertainment experience, I'm a little shocked that he hasn't had a more dramatic presence on the show. Well, actually, I'm not since I feel like a legitimate actor would be way above reality TV histrionics. Christopher's credits might not be lengthy, but he is interested in a wide variety when it comes to entertainment.

He Sings

Christopher loves to sing and does so in church, on the Broadway stage, and in the movie Romance & Cigarettes. He may be getting some shade and hate from the Real Housewives, but at least he actually is a good singer, unlike most of the women on the show who have put out singles.

He Dances

Christopher has danced on Broadway in the play Kiss Me, Kate. He also danced on the Dream Girls United States tour and in the film Romance & Cigarattes.

He Acts

He has acted in small parts in TV, on Broadway, and in film.

He Puts Up With Reality TV

You might not know either of the two credits on his IMDb page, but you have to admit that he is a pretty patient person to put up with the nonsense on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Or maybe he really is just a good actor pretending to be patient?

Christopher is a man who loves the arts and is still pursuing a career as an entertainer. I wonder if his appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta will help or hurt his chances at finding his big break in the industry.