Makeup Hoarders Will Love These Organizers

I'll admit that I have hoarding tendencies. But it's the worst with makeup. For me, there's no such thing as "too much," and I've continually had to upgrade my storage situation because of this mindset. And when it gets to a certain point, office organizers are the best solution to house large makeup collections. If you too have a makeup collection that requires more room than a standard makeup bag, it's so important to keep it organized.

Obviously, an organized collection will help you see and keep track of all of your products. But there are a couple of other reasons to stay organized. For one thing, if you're a creature of habit, being able to more easily access every part of your collection means that you might not forget to use all of your products (instead of continually passing over that one gem that got buried at the bottom of your bag). In addition to actually remembering to use all of your products, staying organized will also help you keep track of when your makeup expires. No more wondering when the last time you saw a certain product was, or if it's still OK to use. Plus, not to be an enabler or anything, but when you can clearly see what all you have in your collection, you can better tell where the holes are. Because yes, if you have a pink blush and a peach blush, you still totally need that peachy-pink blush. So here are the nine best office organizers to store all of them in.

1. Wood Drawers

ALEX Drawer Unit, $129, Ikea

All of the YouTube beauty gurus have this drawer system for a reason. The shallower drawers make it perfect for storing every type of makeup from mascaras to compacts to palettes.

2. Metal Drawers

Bisley 8-Drawer Cabinet, $219, Container Store

These metal drawers have three different sizes, so whether you like to store your lipsticks lying down or standing up, there's space.

3. Mesh Drawers

Rubbermaid 12-Compartment Organizer, $75, Amazon

Easily see every part of your collection with these stackable, mesh drawers.

4. Mobile Drawers

Lorell Mobile Storage Cabinet, $82, Amazon

Slightly deeper drawers and wheeled feet give you room to change your mind about what goes where.

5. Wood Organizer

Rustic Desktop Wooden Office Organizer Drawers, $36, Amazon

How cute would this organizer be sitting on top of a desk or vanity?

6. Velvet Organizer

Songmics Desk Organizer, $26, Amazon

If you prefer compartments to drawers, this vegan leather and velvet number will house your makeup in the chicest of ways.

7. Steel Shelves

TENNSCO Counter Height Storage Cabinet, $148, Walmart

You can line everything up, or add baskets to further compartmentalize your products. Plus, this cabinet has a lock to keep your prized possessions safe.

8. Combination Organizer

STUVA Storage, $145,

Can't decide between drawers or shelves? Get the best of both worlds with a combo organizer.

9. Storage Desk

KLIMPEN Desk, $268, Ikea

If you like to keep your products in your vanity, but are wanting for extra space, try using a desk with built-in storage as your vanity instead.

Get ready to see your makeup collection like never before.

Images: Miki Hayes; Courtesy of Brands