7 Times You're Allowed To Freak Out At A Sibling

by Kat George

On the rare occasion, it's OK to hold a grudge against a sibling. I'm not really a fan of fighting with family, but I do happen to really like my family a lot, and even when they're annoying they're the most incredibly loyal and supportive people I know. There are probably a lot of people who also feel this way about their families, and some who don't as well. Both are okay! Every family dynamic is different. But if you're of the loving, Brady Bunch, happy variety of family, it's important to also note: sometimes there's cause for you to not only get mad, but to stay mad too! It could be a light hearted anger or even a more serious one, but just know: sometimes it's OK to be mad.

Choosing your battles is important. You can't get all bent out of shape if your parents took more pictures of your older brother than you as babies. That's not really your brother's fault (those parents though...). Know when to let bygones be bygones, and know when also to release unexpected wedgies, wet willies, and dirty looks. Here are some times when it's okay to hold a grudge against a sibling:

1. When They Fart On Or Around You On Purpose

There's nothing quite as disgusting as being crop dusted by a sibling. When one intentionally brings their gas on or around you, and forces you to endure their cloud of poo particles, your grudge is more than warranted. Hold onto it, let it fester, and hopefully let it feed the sulphur inside you until you are ready to claim to revenge...

2. When They Eat The Last [Insert Favorite Food Here] You Were Saving

If you still live with your siblings you'll know this too well. You buy a juicy mango and put it in the fridge to have when you get home from a long day of work or school. You get home, open the fridge, and the mango you were chilling to relax and enjoy is gone. Proceed with mango grudge at will.

3. When They Throw You Under The Bus To Your Parents

Be wary the sibling who will throw you under the bus with your parents to make themselves look better. This sibling is not to be trusted with parental negotiations, and should be not left alone without supervision to tarnish your good name. If your sibling is someone who tattles on you constantly to your parents to serve themselves, that's a grudge worth pursuing.

4. When They Purposefully Keep Doing The Thing You Hate The Most

I do not like being frightened. I don't watch horror movies. I hate fear. It's not fun. So when my siblings think it's fun to pull pranks to scare me, you better believe I'm holding a grudge. When you have a weakness, and your siblings don't stop teasing you for it or using it against you, especially into adulthood, you have a right to be permanently annoyed about that.

5. If They Take Your Stuff And Break It

My siblings know not to mess with my stuff. Also, they're boys, so they don't try and borrow my clothes. Even if they enjoyed my threads wanted to raid my wardrobe, they're both a full foot taller than I am at least, so probably wouldn't have much luck. If you have a sibling who constantly takes your stuff — like actually takes it without asking — and breaks it, you are hella entitled to flip out.

6. When They Don't Pay Back Their Loans

Being related doesn't preclude your siblings for paying back what they owe you. If you've lent money, and it's not coming back to you (and especially if you see your siblings spending it elsewhere), definitely raise the point. And hold onto it until you're repaid.

7. When They Do Something Actually Terrible

We don't have to forgive our families for everything. If your sibling does something malicious to purposefully hurt you, it's OK to hold a grudge against them for it. If they try to break up your relationship, steal from you, try to hurt or kill you: these are all good reasons to hold a grudge against anyone, even if they are your brother or sister.

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