And Now Joe Namath's Super Bowl Coat Has A Twitter Handle

There is a clear winner in the first half of the Super Bowl. And we're not just talking about the Seattle Seahawks, who have a significant lead over the Denver Broncos (who, sadly for Colorado fans, still have zero — that's right, zero — points). We're talking about Joe Namath's coat, which has caused an Internet frenzy for its IKEA monkey-ness (among other things). He may have messed up the coin toss, but he the former New York Jets legend has certainly won the Internet on this Super Bowl Sunday.

His awesomely stylish fur coat (which is that perfect blend of pimp and sophistication) already has two twitter handles, @NamathCoat and @JoeNamathscoat2, and is trending on Twitter. We haven't seen a fashion item trending like this since, well, Pharrell's hat at The Grammys last Sunday (and, of course, someone has already made an image of Joe Namath in the coat with Pharrell's hat). So what can you expect Joe Namath's coat to tweet? Tweets from @NamathCoat have included, "Anthony Kiedis needs to borrow me." (Since the 51-year-old — yes, 51-year-old Red Hot Chili Peppers star went shirtless during the halftime show.)

According to Business Insider, the coat is an homage to what the famous football player wore during a game in 1968. Back in his heyday, the famous playboy was a bit of a fashion icon. He was known for his rather eccentric taste, especially in coats. Seems nothing has changed.

Photo: Getty