You Have To See Beyonce's Minimal Makeup Look

by May Sofi

After sort of a long hiatus, Queen Bey is definitely back and is ready to reclaim her throne. She totally dominated the Super Bowl halftime show, dropped a surprise tour on us, and is slaying the fashion world once again. Now, Beyonce covers GARAGE magazine's latest issue with a bare-faced look that is totally flawless, reminding us all who the queen of everything really is. Slay, B.

The 34-year-old ditched her usual glam style for a way more toned down look. While it may look like she is sporting completely bare skin, this is still a major magazine cover, so it's more than likely she is wearing at least some makeup. There is actually a name for that particular look — it's called the #NoMakeup makeup trend, and she is wearing it perfectly. Bey's close-up cover photo features silky smooth skin, totally on fleek brows, and a nude pout. Her usual sleek luscious locks are braided back, and her left ear is covered in tiny hoop earrings as she gives a super smoldering over-the-shoulder gaze, practically dripping swag.

We have grown accustomed to seeing the pop diva all dolled up in her usual bigger-than-life hair and glamorous smoky eye, so this minimal look is refreshingly different.

She definitely #WokeUpLikeThis.

Let's take a look at some other times Queen B sported minimal makeup.

1. On This Cover Of FLAUNT Magazine

So gorgeous.

2. On This Cover Of Vogue


3. In This Profile Shot

How does she always manage to look so amazing?

4. While Lounging In The Water

Nothing but some pink lips. Now that's how it's done.

5. In This Selfie

I think she really isn't wearing any makeup here.

6. And This Selfie

I can't handle the pretty.

7. When She Wakes Up

Definitive proof that she woke up like this.

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