Watch Couples Share Their Secret Fantasies

There are a lot of conversations you need to have as a couple. Some are serious ones and some are way more fun. But sharing your sexual fantasies, though it sounds like a fun one, is sometimes way easier said than done. I don't think it's actually discussing them that's difficult— once you get into it you're fine. It's bringing it up that can be gut-wrenchingly awkward. But the conversation shouldn't be a bad one— I firmly believe that talking about them is important for your relationship.

That's exactly what these couples did in this Elite Daily video, and it shows you how fun and playful it can be to talk about fantasies, with no hurt feelings involved. The couples talk about how this is stuff they'd want to try "before they die" or years and years down the road, after they've "explored all our holes." which is a great way to frame these discussions. It allows you to show them that there are things you'd like to explore, but it's not like you need them right now or that the sex is bad as it is. In fact, it's great as it is. It's really interesting and reassuring to see how natural and flowing these conversations are — how well they all communicate as a couple— after it gets going.

You can check out the whole video here:

Here are my favorite parts:

Things Are Great As It Is

First of all, they picked couples who are already having great sex. Which is good, because you're in a better place to discuss things you want to try that haven't already. This guy particularly appreciated that he can come home and find his partner "open, naked. and ready", which is a bumper sticker waiting to happen.

Like, Really Great

Look how happy they are about all the sex they have? I like the most shiny and all of the shiny sheets and rose petals, like that's something we all just have on our beds constantly.

Then I Get Confused

Another woman talks about she was a virgin until she met him, that "he literally took my v-card." But then she has a card. She has a card with their names on it. I'm so... what? I mean, what? What issuing authority made this? SOMEONE MADE THIS.

They Have Everything They Need

They're my favorite because not only does she say she has to multitask with his blow jobs, like— "put your forehead on your balls and, like, use everything"— she then described his penis as "full on rocket fuel" and made this face and measurement.

And The Fantasies Begin

It starts out sweet, apparently she'd like to try it "in an ocean" or a theme park, while he's a little more kinky, wanting to try the bad teacher/bad student dynamic. But wait, why are they both bad? Who would punish who!?

It Gets Interesting

Please look at this man's face as his partner tells him he wants to try a sex dungeon in New York. I love it. But he's definitely game.

And Through The Back Door

She guesses that he's into trying "a little butt stuff," but says she'd like to try pegging in return— which he is not into.

But please look at the face she makes when thinking about rimming. She looks like her brain has turned to mac and cheese. Mac and cheese and fear of poop:

Edward And Bella

Turns out she wants to try vampire role play— looking at him contemplating, he doesn't seem so keen. I bet he's team Jacob.

Cuteness And Horror

OK, so after hearing all of the lovely fantasies and seeing lots of kissing and intimacy and talking about the importance of exploration, this man curls up like a damn angel. But what does he say? He says "I like to explore, I'm like Dora". WHY THE EFF WOULD YOU BRING DORA INTO THIS?! That is not how Dora explores! She's a delightful bilingual cartoon! Leave her out of this, you adorable, adorable man.

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