9 Rihanna "Work" Lyrics That Should Have Prepared Us For That Steamy Music Video

If there's one celebrity who owns her sexuality, it's Rihanna. The songstress knows how to confidently rock the red carpet wearing things that many wouldn't dare, demand attention onstage for seriously steamy performances, and perform sultry songs that are oftentimes too hot to handle — from the blatantly sexy "S&M" to the more somber "Stay." Now, it's Rihanna's brand-new album that is making some serious waves. Though Anti is a departure from RiRi's usual club-heavy sound, it's as smoldering an album as you would expect from Rihanna — especially when it comes to the album's single "Work." The song, which Rihanna's maybe-friend, maybe-something-more collaborator Drake appeared on, is guaranteed to be stuck in your head and get you moving whenever you hear the song aloud.

Of course, while RiRi's song "Work" is super sexy, it's the video that is really jaw-dropping. However, I'm pretty sure we should have been prepared for this based off all of the lyrics on "Work" — they were pretty steamy, so we definitely shouldn't be surprised by the crazy hot video action. Rihanna's masterful dance moves with Drake are all steamy, but the song lyrics themselves may cause you to need to cool off. Here are just a few lyrics that are as hot as the video:

1. "Long Distance, I Need You."


Umm, yes, please.

2. "Baby Don't You Leave, Don't You Leave Me Stuck Here In The Streets."


It's a far more poetic way of saying "I need you."

3. "When I See Potential, I Just Gotta See It Through."


What, exactly, is Drake rapping about here? Who knows... but I do know that it's really good to be Rihanna in this video.

4. "I Will Never, No Never Neglect You, Who Am I To Hold Your Past Against You?"


Because the sexy times are just between them.

5. "If You Had A Twin, I Would Still Choose You."


There's something very hot about a guy who says its both brains and beauty that make someone their main squeeze.

6. "You Need To Get Done, Done, Done, Done At Work, Come Over."


I mean, can you blame Drake?

7. "I Spilled All My Emotions Tonight, I’m Sorry."


Drake isn't exactly shy about spilling emotions, so the apology seems a little unnecessary, but whatever.

8. "How Many More Shots Until You're Rollin'?"


How many more shots until RiRi is teaching us all how to twerk so flawlessly?

9. "You Know I Dealt With You The Nicest."


This is how RiRi is nice to people, and we love it.

Keep slaying, Rihanna.

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