Is Jesus Good On 'The Walking Dead'? Paul Rovia Made A Lasting Impression In The Comics

Trusting new characters on The Walking Dead almost never works out, but the latest introduction has a history with this franchise that might say otherwise. Is Paul "Jesus" Monroe good in The Walking Dead comics? The newly added character, whose last name is Rovia on the TV series, had a complicated run-in with Rick and Daryl — but he seems like he might be not all bad.

In the comics, Jesus comes from Hilltop Colony and is definitely a good guy. He is logical, strategic, and a natural leader. The first of our group that he meets in the comics are Michonne and Abraham, not Rick and Daryl. They get into a fight, but it's a bit of a misunderstanding. He is similarly held as a prisoner at Alexandria until they can trust him. However, he is no friend to Negan, and over the course of the comics he becomes friends with Rick and Maggie, specifically. He is an important ally to the survivors and is familiar with all of the larger communities in the area and their trading habits.

Just like Aaron in Season 5, it might take a little time for Rick and the gang to trust Jesus. I think Rick might have been coming around when Jesus saved (that's so fun to write) Daryl's life — but that was before their new friend broke out of the infirmary and woke him and Michonne up while naked. Nice is different than good, though, so they'll figure it out soon enough.

The real question is, does this mean Hilltop Colony is coming to The Walking Dead next? That location means a lot of new characters and events from the graphic novels. It also marks a split in the community of survivors — some of the characters break off from Rick and go to live at Hilltop instead. That would create a very different show. For now however, with Negan fast on their trail, they are going to need all the allies they can get as The Walking Dead Season 6 continues.

Image: Gene Page/AMC