10 Leap Day Memes To Celebrate Feb. 29

How should you celebrate that one special day that comes only once every four years? No, I'm not talking about the presidential election or the opening ceremonies for the winter or spring olympics (though those are awesome), I'm talking about the 29th of February, and I'm talking about celebrating the day with these funny Leap Day memes.

You can never have too many memes in your life. Laughter is the cure for just about everything, and if there's one thing a meme can make you do, it's help you get your giggle on. Leap Day is kind of a weird day in and of itself, so why not spend a few minutes embracing all its weirdness with this ridiculous meme selection?

Leap Day exists to help keep the planet's calendar on track with the solar year, but nobody really pays attention to that aspect of the day. Instead, people pay attention to whose leap year birthday comes once every four years (creating a new meaning for the term "forever young"), the tradition that women can propose to men on the 29th of February (yup, that's a thing you guys), and how we all have an extra day to do whatever the heck we want to do (or don't want to do). And guess what? These memes cover all those bases.

Always hustlin.'

But on the flip side, you get to stay young forever!

Shady. Real shady.

Every extra shopping day counts.

The pressure is on to have an epic day.

Better to be safe than sorry.

The holiday is more important to some than others.

To be fair, leap year babies are pretty bad ass.

Please adjust your calendars accordingly.

At least, that's what we all tell ourselves.

Images: Meme Center