Jackson & April Get More Complicated On 'Grey's'

And the saga of April and Jackson continues! Grey’s Anatomy took viewers on a tour of Jackson and April’s relationship — and I mean literally every moment, from the present-day saga of April finding out she is pregnant (more on that later) to the very first time they met way back on their first day as interns at Mercy West. It was really quite interesting — we saw glimpses and mentions of Mark Sloan, Charles Percy (who, if you remember, was shot at killed at Grey Sloan), and many other people of seasons past. But let’s stick with the most important thing here — will April and Jackson get back together on Grey’s Anatomy because she’s pregnant?

Jackson and April had a lot of “will they or won’t they” between the time that April came back from Jordan and the time they signed the divorce papers, and one of those meetings culminated in a sexual tryst. Seems to me that the only thing that always worked in April and Jackson’s relationship was the sex! Anyway, I guess they weren’t safe about it (or more probably weren’t thinking about it), and April became pregnant from it. Sigh — these two have already been through so much. Why does Shonda continue to play these games?

On one hand, I like the idea of April and Jackson together forever, because they are one of my favorite Grey’s Anatomy couples. On the other hand, they already suffered a great loss when their son Samuel died, and I would hate to have to seem them go through that again. Samuel’s death was one of the reasons that Jackson and April began to splinter in the first place, and I don’t know that any couple (if they got back together) could handle the death of two children, let alone one. I really need to see what Jackson is going to say about this — I can’t imagine he’ll be very pleased about the continuation of a relationship he tried so hard to end.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy