Will D.J. & Steve Get Back Together On 'Fuller House'? The Pair Is Still Perfect 2 Decades Later

There are some things in life that just go together: Peanut butter and jelly, guacamole and everything, and Steve Hale and D.J. Tanner. I was so excited when I learned Scott Weinger would be reprising his role as the sandwich-loving boyfriend from Full House on Netflix's new series Fuller House. But, I also had one very important question: Would Steve and D.J. get back together on Fuller House? [This post contains spoilers for the entirety of the first season.] While the original show left off with Steve taking D.J. to prom, the spinoff picks up with D.J. recently widowed. Her husband Tommy Fuller was a firefighter who died on the job and she's only just begun to enter the world of dating again. Enter Steve, who has stayed her friend all those years. They both married different people after Full House ended only to now find themselves both single again years later.

That seems like a recipe for a steamy reunion, right? Wrong. While there's some serious chemistry left between the two on Fuller House, Steve also has some competition. D.J. now a vet, meets Matt Harmon, whose dad owns the clinic she works at. Matt is also a vet and he's, like, insanely attractive. Understandably, D.J. has a hard time choosing which guy to date full time. The sexy vet or her childhood sweetheart? And, despite a totally adorable and hilarious '90s date with Steve where he wore his letterman jacket and a bushy wig and she donned a tattoo choker, D.J. remained undecided all season. It was basically the Full House episode "D.J.'s Choice" 2.0. Except instead of choosing between Viper and Nelson, she was picking between Steve and Matt. Many Bachelorette show jokes were made, it was great.

Who does she pick in the end? If you really would like to know, I'll tell you, but beware of spoilers below!

D.J. chooses neither of them just like she did in "D.J.'s Choice." Except this time for a very different reason. In the original episode, D.J. pretty much just got tired of the games and decided to not choose at all. In Fuller House, she makes the feminist decision to choose herself. She admitted to the men that it hadn't been that long since her husband died and she wanted to get to know her single self a little before jumping right back into a serious relationship. Aw, Deej, you've grown up so much!

I'm sad she didn't pick Steve, but I totally get her reasoning behind it. And, hey, there's always a potential Season 2 for Steve and D.J. to get together!

Images: Netflix (2); fullh0usegifs/Tumblr