9 Foods That Unexpectedly Taste Better Cold

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You know that witching hour that begins when you walk in the door from a late night out and you're STARVING? You're so hungry that you can't be bothered to heat up your food, use a utensil or grab a napkin? You just sort of wedge yourself inside of the fridge and eat what's in whatever containers you can wiggle your hands into, while you crouch and appreciate the cool air. And in that state you think to yourself, "Damn, this tastes AMAZING. I could eat these cold noodles until the end of time." But then they're gone. Because you've eaten them all. Because they're so delicious and cold and refreshing.

But the truth is, they're not just delicious because you're an animal who could offer street nuts a Michelin star. In fact, those cold noodles are always delicious. You just didn't know because it's only when you're drunk or exhausted that you're more likely to eat food without following the standard heating protocols ... because you're impatient and don't give AF. But pasta isn't the only thing that tastes better cold. There are tons of foods that are more tasty refrigerated or frozen — the temperature changes its texture and consistency and adds new dimensions to it, which in many cases makes it better than its suggested serving temperature. Here are a few of my favorite foods to eat chilled or frozen, because I'm a rebel and because ain't no microwave gonna tell my how to live my life.


Pop some freshly washed grapes in a sealed plastic bag and leave them in the freezer over night. By morning they'll be a delicious icy treat. You can even pop them in your white wine to chill it without diluting it.

Homemade Cookies

The gooier the better. Seal your cookies and pop them in the freezer for a few hours. They take on an entirely different flavor. Don't leave them in there too long, after a few months they might become freezer burned or take on some weird freezer smells.


Any kind of chocolate candy tastes better after it's frozen. It slows you down while you eat it, so you can really appreciate each bite. And as the chocolate defrosts in your mouth, the flavor changes.


Leftover refrigerated lasagne is so tasty. The sauce sort of coagulates and takes on a new acidic flavor and the way the cheese and pasta hardens gives it an entirely different bite.

Sliced Watermelon

Make sure you slice it before you freeze it. Freeze it for a few hours and be amazed as it turns into an awesome ice pop. Total gourmet dessert status. Whip this out at your next dinner party.


Want to make FroYo from home? Easy, just put your yogurt into the freezer. Seriously, it's that easy. You'll have to let it thaw for a few minutes before you can eat it, but honestly it tastes the same.


I mean, DUH.

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg is filled with water. When you freeze it, it takes on this bizarre crunchy texture. Dip it in some salad dressing and enjoy the weirdest salad you've ever had.


Peel them, place them in plastic and then freeze overnight. If you want, put it in a blender once frozen solid and eat your homemade vegan banana ice cream.

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