Daisy Ridley & Boyfriend Charlie Hamblett Should Look To These Couples For Oscars Fashion Inspiration

Daisy Ridley has been taking the world by storm with her infectious personality and smile that could quite possibly solve everyone's problems. Taking on a starring role in a legendary franchise like Star Wars is definitely not for the faint of heart, but she killed it as Rey like a seasoned professional. Since skyrocketing to fame, she has proven to keep quiet when it comes to her personal life. Daisy Ridley's relationship with Charlie Hamblett has been pretty private, but I'm hoping they'll walk the red carpet together at this Sunday's Academy Awards. They don't have to spill any details about their lives, I mainly just want to see them all dressed up and mingling with other stars. Of course, if they do go together, they have the difficult task of choosing what to wear at what would basically be their public debut as a couple.

Ridley and Hamblett are rarely spotted or photographed together, so their couple style is cloaked in mystery. But if any night is the perfect time to make a bold style statement, it's the Oscars. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to glam factor. Ridley may not be nominated, but she will be attending as a presenter, so the pressure is on to show up dressed to impress. If Hamblett accompanies her, he'll need to wow viewers too. Here are some past iconic Oscar couple looks that the two can look to for inspiration... or for examples of what not to wear.

Madonna & Michael Jackson

When Madonna showed up with Michael Jackson to the Oscars in 1991 completely decked out in fur and jewels, it was an iconic moment. Perhaps Ridley and Hamblett would go full-on bling for their debut. We know very little about Hamblett, he could potentially be totally into diamond belt buckles.

Angelia Jolie & James Haven

Jolie famously brought her brother to the 2000 Oscars, and their all-black look is kind of awesome. Maybe Ridley and Hamblett will do something similar — I think she could pull off a modern day Morticia Adams pretty well.

Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Old Hollywood glam is by far my favorite style, and Williams and Ledger pulled it off perfectly in 2006. Ridley and Hamblett would also look phenomenal decked out in outfits that call back to the golden era of cinema.

Demi Moore & Bruce Willis

Bicycle shorts are a pretty genius idea. You don't have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction getting out of the limo or sitting a certain way in a dress. Even though it seems wacky, Ridley could pull off a modern version of Moore's 1989 Oscars look.

Celine Dion

It wouldn't even matter what her date was wearing if Ridley rocked a backwards suit and fedora like Celine circa 1999.

Personally, I think we will see a mix of old Hollywood glam and a little bit of edge from Ridley and Hamblett if they walk the red carpet together. Either way, I can't wait to see them at Sunday's Academy Awards.

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