What Color Is The Adidas Jacket?

Just when you thought we had moved past the great debate that was "the dress," it's time for another Internet debate. Is the Adidas jacket black and brown or blue and white? That is the great question. People seem to have split into two teams, although, team blue and white feels way more sure of itself than the other side.

For those who are seeing brown, they are presenting a variety of combinations. Some brown and black, some green and brown. Clearly, the answer to the question, "What color is it?" isn't so simple. I personally see black and brown, but who's to say what's right or wrong, at this point. All I know for sure is what I see, and the fact that the rest of the Internet is seeing something different. This truly is "the dress" all over again. How could this be happening again so soon, you guys? Seriously, I'm just not ready for it, yet.

But, nevertheless, the time to choose what side you're on in now. What colors do you see? Are you team blue and white or team brown and a variation of colors? See how Twitter is sounding off on the latest Internet conundrum.

Here we go, again.

Blue & White:

Clearly, people can't help but have an opinion.

It's blue and white. Obviously?

Some people feel quite confident in their answer.

You may even know who's responsible for this, and feel extra sure that you know what color it is.

Team blue and white.

The blue and white side are definitely feeling sure of their opinions.

Black & Brown:

People also feel strongly that it's black and brown.

Or, is it green and brown?

Seriously, though. Which is it?

Clearly, this is quite confusing.

Despite how many people are seeing blue and white, you can't deny that there are those seeing brown.

There, he said it. Finally, a more definite answer for the people who are seeing brown.

How can this debate ever end? Well, there's one way to put a stop to it:

I vote we let them settle it once and for all.

Image: BuzzFeed/Twitter (1)