8 '90s Music Tours You Saved All Your Babysitting Money To Attend

The '90s were just a supremely phenomenal time to be alive. If you happened to be haphazardly navigating through your preteen years during this most epic era, then you know that the nostalgia struggle is all too real. It was just a superior time for television, music, and movies, collectively. You're lying to yourself and your fellow countrymen if you say that you don't get down to '90s jams on the regular. We all do it. It's an easy way to take a quick trip back to all those amazing '90s music tours you attended, completely decked out in glitter and butterfly clips.

Since we have the wayback machine all warmed up and ready to go, let's journey to a place where dance routines were paramount and baggy cargo pants were everything. A time when Britney battled Christina for the ultimate pop princess title and boy bands legitimately ruled the galaxy. Come with me if you remember saving your babysitting cash to buy floor seats and an oversized tour t-shirt that you still wear to bed (I'm lookin' at you, No Strings Attached tour t-shirt). These are the tours that defined your '90s and your preteen musical soul.

1. *NSYNC No Strings Attached Tour

Let's get the mother of all tours out of the way first. I may be biased, because I was a total *NSYNCer, but this was the Mecca of all concerts to attend. You had to prepare your lungs for screaming and your heart for swooning. *NSYNC's No Strings Attached album was definitely their most successful work and managed to hold a record for most first week sales for 15 years. Clearly, the accompanying tour was the ticket of the century, and the elaborate performances made it worth all of your Friday nights stuck watching the neighborhood brat.

2. Britney Spears Baby One More Time Tour

Spears' debut tour was a seriously insane experience. She was the ultimate pop princess and rocked crop tops with baggy cargo pants better than anyone in the business. Not to mention, the girl can dance her face off. Sure, due to the blossoming romance between her and everyone's fantasy husband, Justin Timberlake, we were torn between feelings of admiration and complete raging jealousy, but we still couldn't help but bop along when she started singing.

3. Backstreet Boys Backstreet's Back Tour

I'm a loyal *NSYNC girl, but, from what I've heard, this tour was an absolute necessity if you were going to call yourself a Backstreet Boys fan. It was coming off their second album with some of their most popular singles attached to it. I mean, maybe I liked a few of their songs. Maybe I also became intoxicated by the video for "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," and Nick Carter's legendary mushroom haircut, and maybe this tour was epic. Ugh, the struggle of the boy band and loyalty battles was so real.

4. Spice Girls Spice World Tour

There's a reason that the mere possibility of a Spice Girls reunion tour always sets '90s kids' hearts ablaze with excitement. These gals put on a show like no one else. You and your friends all had your designated Spice Girl alter egos (what up, Ginger Spice!), and you attended their debut concert tour dressed in full Spice Girl attire. Platform shoes and pigtails or bust. Just say you'll be there.

5. No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom World Tour

You wore those red and black plaid pants. Don't deny it. I definitely did. Gwen Stefani was the quintessential badass girl hero in the '90s, and this tour was where you went to rock. Their song "Just A Girl" was our anthem, and it still has me belting it out with appropriate fist pumps whenever I hear it.

6. Hanson Albertane Tour

It may be painful to admit, but Hanson wooed us for a good portion of the late '90s. Their luxurious hair and catchy tuneage had every lady swooning. This debut tour was coming straight off of "MMMBop," so you can imagine the fever pitch.

7. Oasis What's The Story (Morning Glory)? Tour

Angst gathers here. You cried along with the album during your first real breakup, and you cried again when you heard "Wonderwall" live. This tour was the pivotal angsty teenager's paradise, and, if you weren't angsty, you attended just for the very real possibility of brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher killing each other on stage.

8. Blink 182 LoserKids Tour

Enema Of The State was an amazing pop punk gift to offbeat '90s kids everywhere. You were Team Mark or Team Tom when it came to vocal gods, and you hid the cover art from your mom. This album's tour was the beginning of all things converse and studded for blossoming pop punk fans, and they put on a live show that surpassed the recorded version.

The nostalgia is almost too much to handle. Take us back to the '90s, please.