This Kylie Jenner Insta Features A Lip Kit Clue

by Augusta Statz

Everyone’s been anxiously awaiting the next Lip Kit launch ever since Kylie Cosmetics first announced that restocks would come on a regular basis. Then, our favorite lippie genius had to go and create yet another new shade that is now highly coveted. However... Still. No. Launch. But, Kylie Jenner gave fans a clue about when the next Kylie Lip Kits will drop on Instagram. After posting her new shade all packaged and ready to go, she posted a photo of a watch with the hands pointed at 3:00 p.m. But, it wasn't 3 p.m. when she posted it, so is she trying to tell us something? Tricky, Kylie. Very Tricky.

I thought I might have been reading waaay too much into this, but then I saw that she posted to her website and app confirming my suspicion. The Lip Kits will go on sale on Monday at 3 p.m. PST. She's mysterious, but I've got it all figured out because I’m ready to get my hands on that new orange shade already. I may be obsessing, but at least my detective skill paid off.

This latest post was a clue, but it could have easily just been King Kylie doing what she does best because, cryptic message or no, this girl’s got some killer watch game on Instagram. Be the judge of this latest photo for yourself and then check out eleven other times Jenner’s shown off her amazing accessory on Insta.

I read you loud and clear, Kylie.

She's been keeping a lot of things a mystery this time around, right down to the name of her new shade.

1. Black & White

She's got a lot of classic vibes going with this black watch against a white background.

2. Arm Candy

Puppies and watches make the best accessories.

3. Stacked

Layering gold jewelry is always a good idea.

4. White Tee

Big bling is the best way to dress up a white tee.

5. Matching

When your bling matches your bag.

6. Blush Tones

Nothing pairs together quite as well as blush tones and diamonds.

7. Casual

She's got a way of dressing this piece of jewelry up and down.

8. Poolside

I mean, she hardly ever takes it off. Even when she's chilling by the pool.

9. What Time Is It?

She always knows what time it is.

10. Blinged Out

She's covered in sparkles from fingertip to wrist.

11. Travel-Ready

She's prepared to take her watch with her wherever she goes.

I was right this time around, but Jenner's quite the clever minx, trying to distract us with all of that bling.