Kylie Jenner Wants You To Guess Her Lip Kit Color

Kylie Jenner has done it again. The reality star turned cosmetics queen has taken to her Instagram to tease beauty loves about her latest release. The name of Kylie Jenner's new orange lip kit color is still a mystery, but when she debuted the shade in its packaging on Instagram Friday night, she gave her followers a chance to guess the highly anticipated title. While Kylie has yet to announce whether or not anyone has gotten it correct, I do wonder if she's going to pull a Kanye and give free kits to those who get the name right. If so, I need to get my thinking cap on ASAP.

Kylie Jenner has been using her top-notch social media skills to tease the release of her new lip kit color and her previous colors' restocks for weeks now. On Thursday, Kylie's BFF Jordyn took to Kylie's own Snapchat to model each lip including the new orange-y coral shade. Much hype has made about the hue since it's the only new color debuting with the restock. While faves like Candy K, Dolce K, and Mary Jo K are all coming back, the coral lip kit — which is actually Kylie's favorite lip kit — is brand spanking new, and everyone seems to want to get their hands on it.

On Friday, Jenner's's coral lip kit showed its fully packaged face on her Instagram account, and the reality television star is asking for its name. At this point, there's no real answer to what she's chosen, but her Instagram followers had some damn good suggestions. Cheeto K was by far my favorite, but you know, I just don't think that's going to be Kylie's choice. Other standouts included, Kenny K — presumably in honor of sister Kendall Jenner, which would be adorable —, Curvy K, and Blossom K. My bet though is Spice K, which was also a suggestion.

Kylie's best friend Jordyn, though, is often seen rocking the shade, and it would not surprise me one bit if the shade was named after her.

Regardless of the name, though, this shade has got to be one of the most highly anticipated. While Mary Jo K — Kylie's gorgeous red hue — is incredibly popular, this coral shade is super on trend, and it seems to look gorgeous on a diverse range of skin tones. Basically, it's going to be the hottest shade on the market when it launches, and I personally, can't wait.