Alert: New 'GG' Revival Spoilers!

It's official: The only person more excited about Sutton Foster's Gilmore Girls role than you are is Foster herself. In a new interview with PEOPLE, Foster was full of squee about getting to work on her favorite show. "This is where my brain explodes: I go from supernerdy superfan to on-set talking to Lorelai Gilmore," Foster told the magazine. Of course, with every scrap of information and spoilers about the Gilmore Girls revival more valuable than Lorelai's vintage Charlie's Angels plates, Foster's hints about her revival character are priceless.

The interview is very much a good news, bad news situation. The good news is Foster will share a scene with Lorelai and series creator Amy Sherman-Paladino wrote the part specifically for Foster. The bad news is, Foster's part is small. "It's a smaller part featured in one of the episodes," Foster said in the interview. That sounds suspiciously like a cameo, does it not?

While the ideal situation would be for Foster to have a major role in the revival, a cameo could mean TV Line's speculation about Foster reviving her beloved Bunheads character Michelle Simms on Gilmore Girls — I mean, they are both Amy Sherman-Palladino shows — might not be so far off base after all.

I think everyone can agree that would be the best news EVER.

Think about it: Why else would Foster and Sherman-Palladino be working so hard to keep the details about Foster's appearance secret if the role is so small? I will concede she could figure into a meaty part of the plot, even if her role is super small, but wouldn't it be cooler if Sherman-Palladino pulled off the ultimate coup by reviving both of her beloved shows at once? Having Michelle show up in Stars Hollow would be the ultimate hat tip to fans of both Gilmore Girls and Bunheads .

Imagine seeing Michelle and Lorelai having a conversation together. It would be the fastest, wittiest, and most wonderfully bizarre conversation ever. Michelle is basically Lorelai if Lorelai had never had Rory. Having these two worlds collide, even for just one scene, would be a triumph.

Foster could still be playing an original character, but at least there is now confirmation that her role will be featured in one episode. Whether she is playing Michelle, or Dean's new love interest, or a particularly cool guest at the Dragonfly Inn, Foster's one-episode stay in Stars Hollow is sure to be magical. While I am now officially pulling for a Bunheads mini-revival, there's no way Foster or Sherman-Palladino could disappoint. Is it too soon to start hoping for a Foster and Lorelai dance scene?

Images: fyeahbunheads/Tumblr (2)