The 2006 Oscars Red Carpet Looked Like A Millennial's Prom Dreams — PHOTOS

Do you have your popcorn and champagne ready, because Feb. 28 is Oscars night? While it's often fun to watch our favorite actors parade around in couture dresses and the prettiest baubles, I always find it curious to look back and see how styles have changed. If we look at the 2006 Oscars red carpet, for instance, what would we see? Outdated styles? Risk-taking silhouettes? Bold colors or a monochrome, somber look? Would we still want to fan ourselves over the dresses today? Ten years is both a lot of time and no time at all. It's a fun paradox, especially when you take into account how the fashion world works: Trends are filtered through on a seasonal basis, and looks from decades past are reworked and recycled to pop up into our current closets.

Where two years ago I'd snicker at a pair of bell bottom jeans, today I have about three hanging in my closet. Where crop tops were once seen as something a body-glittered Britney Spears would sport in a music video, many women of all ages and sizes reach for it during both summer and winter months nowadays. It's all a balancing act. So let's look back to the 2006 Oscars red carpet and see what's changed, and what is still very much in vogue.

1. Empire Waist Dresses

Do you remember how these were all the rage in high school? The silhouette was all about channeling our inner Grecian goddesses and getting to scarf down burritos without feeling the restraints of pinching waists. While 100 percent pretty, you don't really see this cut too much in 2016.

2. Half-Cup Dresses

Hilary Swank was killing it with this simple, braided number, but what's most noteworthy about the look is the half-cup bust. It rose just above the nipple and created a slightly risqué but tasteful silhouette.

3. Bold Silhouettes

Whether you love or hate this structured, artistic-like gown, there's one thing you have to admit: Couture looks that take a risk make the red carpet so much more interesting.

4. Bold Hues Paired With Bolder Lipsticks

Forget just letting one part of your outfit take center stage: If you go with a loud, happy color, don't shy away from doing your makeup just as equally loud. With lavender lipstick, orangey-red glosses, and electric eyeliner gracing drugstore aisles and department stores, this type of mentality is most definitely still a win.

5. Va-Va-Volume

One thing that will never get old: Evening dresses that make you feel like a princess busting out of her tower.

6. Lace Detailing

Real talk: Women have been dressing themselves up with lace since the Middle Ages. This look will forever be romantic and a knockout.

7. Cut-Outs

If you own a cut-out dress, crop top, or shirt, raise your hand. Oh, 95 percent of us? Showing an unexpected sliver of skin can add something playful and young to a look — here's hoping it's not going anywhere for yet another decade.

8. Lace Overlays

I'm going to act as an authority and say that the lace overlay style is still very much trendy. Why do I say that? Think back to last year's trends and remember all the sheer maxi skirts, lace overlay dresses, and see-through crochet tanks that exploded all over store front windows. It's still a winner.

9. The Trumpet Dress

This vintage silhouette doesn't seem to be going anywhere — it gives the wearer a kick of Old Hollywood glamour while still making a bold and show-stopping statement. A look like this isn't for the person shy of heart, and I'd wager that a great bulk of us would eagerly swan dive into such a gown.

10. Bold Pops Of Color

Just look at the 2015 Oscars red carpet: Bright, citrusy, colorful hues aren't going anywhere.

11. Vintage Inspired Silhouettes

Whether you like a pie-cooling-on-the-windowsill look from the '50s, or go for a more grunge throwback feel from the '90s, vintage styling isn't boring just yet.

12. Under The Sea Themed Dresses

Granted, I haven't seen any Ariel bra-esque dresses in the fast fashion stores recently, but the minimalist style of Jada Pinkett Smith's dress would seamlessly slip right into 2016.

13. Tulle Gowns

Just like lace, tulle has a permanent place in our hearts. I give you Exhibit A in the form of Rihanna's Grammy dress.

14. Knotted Neckline Dresses

While this look might come back in another handful of years (who knows!,) right now the whole silk material plus knotted neckline look feels a little too club wear to come off as vogue.

15. Flapper Style Dresses

The ruching. The tea lengths. The bare arms and plunging necklines. All Felicity Huffman would need is a feathered headband and a gin and tonic, and she'd be set. And one thing that stubbornly keeps coming back into fashion and our hearts is a good speakeasy look.

So the moral of the story? Literally never throw out anything — it'll be relevant sooner or later!