Sophie Turner Hints At Major 'GoT' Season 6 Deaths

April is right around the corner and so is the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 6. So, slowly but surely, news is leaking out about what's ahead for your beloved characters. If you saw that Hall of Faces teaser trailer you know that it looks like many people may die in Season 6, but we just learned which one may be safe. Actor Sophie Turner delivered a spoiler on the Oscars red carpet saying that Sansa will survive Season 6... but your other favorite characters may not.

"I'm like flicking through [the script] saying, death, death, death, death ... alright, I'm good for this season," Turner revealed on Sunday night. And, while I'm really grateful that Sansa will live to see another day (after all she's endured, girl deserves to be immortal), I'm worried about the rest of Westeros. What are all these deaths that Season 6 is bringing? Was Jon Snow not enough?

The Hall of Faces promo pics did show many dead heads on the wall, including Tyrion, Dany, Jaime, and more. So, if Season 6 is as death-filled as Turner said, no one is safe. Except for Sansa, I guess. Small victories? Ugh, April better hurry up, I can't handle this waiting!