Where Was The Mani Cam Tonight?

One of the most controversial figures in E! red carpet history was also woefully absent from the 2016 Oscars red carpet: That's right: The Mani-Cam was nowhere to be found at the Feb. 28 awards ceremony.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Mani-Cam and its sordid history, here's a brief rundown: E! introduced the Mani-Cam to its Oscars red carpet show, encouraging women to "walk" their perfectly manicured fingers on a tiny red carpet that was affixed with an equally tiny camera. The entire ordeal was super awkward (despite the fact that the tiny red carpet was actually kind of cute).

The goal was to get the actors to show off their nail color, but the whole thing was decidedly bizarre. Think about it: A pair of fingers, walking a tiny red carpet, filmed by a tiny camera. The whole thing sounds less high-fashion and much more, well... high. E! pulled the Mani-Cam last year, but there were still whispers on social media that the hellish little contraption might make its appearance on the red carpet tonight.

Of course, when something as culturally significant as the Mani-Cam disappears without a mention, Twitter doesn't take long to point it out. Tonight, the good people of the Twitter-verse came together to find comfort and solace during this difficult time — though it doesn't seem like good old MC will be missed very much.

Such an incredible legacy to leave behind.