Chris Soules' Oscars Tweet Helps Keep 'The Bachelor' Relevant Even Though His Search For Love Is Over

Almost as if he's desperate to stay relevant, former Bachelor Chris Soules is live tweeting the Oscars and he's pretty mad about one thing: The lack of nominated farmers. In what I'm 98 percent sure is a joking tweet (hey, I don't know his life, I'm two percent wondering if he's serious), Soules questioned why more of his people weren't up for awards. "I wish more farmers were nominated for #Oscars we feed people. That's kind of important," he said during the show.

I mean, yes, farmers do feed people, but sometimes actors feed people too. I mean, Leonardo DiCaprio was almost a bear's lunch. That counts, right? Anyway, I kind of love that Soules is sitting on his farm in Iowa watching the Oscars and wondering why more people aren't paying attention to farmers. He's actually been pretty up on current events according to his Twitter. I mean, in between all the tweets about his farm equipment and teeth whitening ads, he's been throwing out his two cents on all kinds of major moments.

He's tweeted about the Iowa caucus, Jade and Tanner's Bachelor wedding, National Pizza Day, and more. This is a man who wants his fans to know that he knows what's up and that, even though he's just a former Bachelor and current farmer, he is still totally relevant. Check out some of his best current events tweets below:

All About The Oscars

Ok then...

Hanging Out By The Full House House

I'm pretty sure he'll be a Fuller House fan, too.

Celebrating National Pizza Day

The most important national event.

Watching The Super Bowl


Making His Vote Count

Such a good citizen.

Don't worry, Chris, we'll never forget you, especially when you keep making yourself relevant by live tweeting special events. Never stop being you.