What You Missed Behind The Scenes At The Oscars

A lot of truly wonderful things went down on Sunday night at the 2016 Oscars: Jacob Tremblay was adorable doing basically anything, Chrissy Teigen was back at it again with her priceless facial expressions, and finally, finally, Leonardo DiCaprio won that Academy Award he's deserved forever. But despite all the fun that we witnessed on stage and on the red carpet, even more fun was happening backstage. Not surprising, since pretty much anyone who's anyone in Hollywood was all gathered in the same place. But don't worry — social media is a beautiful thing, and that means we don't have to miss out on anything that happened behind the scenes at the Oscars.

So in case you were wondering what happens after awards have been received, acceptance speeches have been given, and Girl Scout cookies have been sold, wonder no more. Here's what was going on off camera, in the audience, and before and after the show — including what happened after Brie Larson snagged her well deserved Best Actress award. And if some of these photos inspire you to start taking acting lessons just so you can be part of the fun next year, then I'm right there with you.

1. Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney

After Lady Gaga's performance of "'Til It Happens To You," which put a spotlight on the importance of ending sexual assault and providing support to victims, she thanked her fiancé, Taylor Kinney, for always standing by her with this gorgeous and touching photo. Are you crying? I'm crying.

2. Reese Witherspoon Hanging Out With BB-8

I'm jealous — but I don't know of who.

3. And Jacob Tremblay Getting His Turn

Still jealous, still don't know who I want to meet more: Jacob Tremblay or C3PO.

4. Mindy Kaling Enjoying Her Girl Scout Cookies

Samoas. Good choice.

5. Anne Hathaway Wishing The Nominees Luck (With Her Bump)

Why do I feel like her baby is also going to be award winning?

6. Kate Winslet, Brie Larson, & Cate Blanchett Embracing

So much talent in just one photo!

7. Lady Gaga & Dave Grohl Doing Shots

I am so, so happy this video exists.

8. Taylor Swift & Lorde Rolling Into The Vanity Fair Party

In case you had any doubt that they're still BFFs, they totally are. And they look amazing!

9. Brie Larson Celebrating Her Win

Is it possible to love her any more than I already do? This photo tells me yes.

Next year, I am finding a way in. And I want Jacob Tremblay (and R2D2) to be my date. See ya then, Oscars 2017!