'30 Rock' Leap Day Memes To Share Today

Leap Day doesn't show up on the calendar very often — only once every four years, in fact — but when it does, the Internet likes to celebrate. Obviously, that means by passing around an abundance of 30 Rock Leap Day memes, and gleefully singing out loud for all to hear the popular rhyme that made this particular episode so memorable: Leap Day William, Leap Day William / Bursting from the sea / Will he bring his bucket of sweets / For mom and pop and me?

What's that? You don't know who Leap Day William is? For those of you who have no respect for Kenneth or Liz Lemon (or more likely, simply live under a culturally irrelevant rock), Leap Day William is a funny little man decked out in blue, yellow, and a funny mustache who emerges from the Marianna Trench on Leap Day to trade children's tears for candy. Sure, 30 Rock's tradition of Leap Day William might seem a little (a lot) strange, but then again, the entire concept of Leap Day is a little strange. A calendar date that only makes an appearance once every few years? Time is a funny thing, but as 30 Rock teaches us, anything that happens on Leap Day doesn't actually count in real life, so go ahead and do whatever the heck it is you want today. Just make sure to wear blue and gold, and make sure to take a gander at these memes first — for inspiration, you know?

Hope you're wearing the proper attire. As the old saying goes, "Poke your eyes, pull your hair, you forgot what clothes to wear."

Dancing on tables should be part of every celebration, honestly.

You don't even need to be a die-hard 30 Rock fan to win the admiration and respect of everyone in your office.

Leap Day William is real, guys, and he's coming for you.

Book a vacation, tell someone you love them, spend your life savings on a castle made out of cake — it's Leap Day. None of it counts.

Look, I said it was a weird tradition, OK?

Real life can wait 'til tomorrow. Happy Leap Day, y'all!

Images: Tumblr; Quickmeme