The Super Bowl as Told by 'Downton Abbey'

HOLY SCHNIKEY! Downton Abbey totally killed it in the ratings game last night against the Super Bowl. The PBS Masterpiece drama brought in more than 6.8 million viewers during its 9pm E.T. time slot. If you take a moment to stop and think about it, that’s actually an insane, and wonderful, bit of news. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched (and testosterone-charged) events every single year and the fact that a period drama on public programming defeated all of its other competitors for the number two slot is downright astonishing. It has also done so every single year it has aired against the Super Bowl. Heavens. Biscuits all around!

Though when you come to think of it, Downton Abbey is quite possibly the most opposite of the Super Bowl as any programming could be. Even more so than the Puppy Bowl. Last night's Downton also teamed up with that other little drama Sherlock you might have heard about (I’m just Cumbersassin’ you!), for PBS’s #DramaBowl.

Downton Abbey even managed to bring in 200,000 more viewers than it did last year. That whole no commercials and guaranteed drama thing must really be working. So for everyone who tuned into the battle of The Dowager Countess vs. Mrs. Crawley instead of the Seahawks vs. Broncos, here’s what you missed:

There was a coin toss with Joe Namath in a crazy coat:

The Broncos had the ball first and Peyton Manning totally missed the first snap:

And the Seahawks were like:

Then the Seahawks basically kept scoring:

And The Broncos were really sad:

Then there was the Half Time show:

Then the Seahawks scored some more:

The Broncos finally put some numbers on the board:

And the Seahawks Defense were like:

Then the Seahawks scored a few more points:

And that was basically the game:

Sorry, Broncos:

Images: DowntonAbbey/PBS; dontbesodroopy/Tumblr; WiffleGif;arewhedonyet/mrgolightly/sansalightwood/Tumblr; GossamerObsessions; downtonmyabbey/ paye-ton-iufm/mi6uleta/concreteangel1221/Tumblr; WiffleGif; Zap2it