Leo Watching His Oscar Engraving Is Pure Joy

The 2016 Academy Awards will forever be remembered as the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. Apparently, his fifth Oscar nomination for The Revenant was enough to convince the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to give him the title of Best Actor. Well, it certainly was worth the wait, especially if you watch this video of Leonardo DiCaprio getting his Oscar engraved.

Thanks to Variety, there is footage of the 41-year-old actor watching his name be put on the gold statue. He appears to still be giddy about his win (as he should be), not to mention the world now knows how DiCaprio makes small talk. Anyways, while a bunch of photographers stand next to him, the now Oscar-winner appears to be amazed about the engraver's job. So much so, he even drops a joke, all while making the best facial expressions ever. "Do you do this every year? I wouldn’t know," he says jokingly.

Hilarious, right? Then, upon receiving the finished product, the etcher handed DiCaprio instructions on how to keep his Oscar in tip-top shape. Again, he couldn't help but joke around and said, "I have to maintain it? What does it need?" You can hear someone reply, "Water." Finally, being the gentleman that he is, DiCaprio uses his manners and says, "Thank you."

Now, let's relive some of DiCaprio's best moments from the video, because they show just how much this win was worth the wait for fans and Leo alike.

Here He Is Smiling Proudly

Can you blame him?

Here He Is Checking Out The Engraving Process

Get right in there, Leo.

Here He Is Making A Memorable Face


Here He Is Reading The Instructions

He's waited so long for this moment, I'm sure he wants to make sure his trophy stays shiny.

Here He Is Finally Taking It Home

Talk about a proud moment.

Here He Is Giving Us The Gif Of Life

Exactly, OMG.

I think it's safe to say that DiCaprio won the Oscars in more ways than one.

Images: Variety