Will The Rihanna x Puma Trainers Go On Sale?

With all the hubbub surrounding her latest fashion venture, fans have to ask: Will the Rihanna x Puma trainers ever go on sale? After all, as they're currently retailing for around $180, they're not exactly what one would consider wallet-friendly — so will fans of the ultra-popular new sneaker style ever be able to nab them for a discount?

Well, unfortunately, things aren't exactly looking great on the discount front so far — they're already selling like the proverbial hotcakes. Less than a week after their release, the FENTY x PUMA trainers are already sold out on Puma retailer Rise, and while they're still currently available elsewhere, it's likely they'll sell out completely soon. Take Rihanna's insanely popular Puma creepers as an example — even with the relaunches, they're perpetually out of stock, and typically only available for a mark-up on sites like eBay.

So, with the near-legendary popularity they're currently experiencing, it's unlikely that we'll ever see the covetable new Rihanna-designed trainers go on sale. They're the kind of thing you dream of finding at a steep discount at stores that sell marked-down designer accessories — but it's a dream that's unlikely to become a reality.

Puma by Rihanna Fenty Trainer, $179.95,

Yep, the outlook is bleak on the discount front — sad as it may be, $179.95 might just be the cheapest you'll see these trainers retailing at (unless you manage to score them used, of course).

Puma by Rihanna Fenty Trainer, $180,

What do you think? Are you a big enough Rihanna fan to pay full price for these sneaker phenomenon? If so, you certainly won't be alone.

I mean, LBR: Rihanna certainly makes a pretty compelling argument in their favor, no?

Images: Courtesy Brands