Let's Talk About The Brentwood Hello On 'ACS'

The look in the eyes of the men who were assisting Faye Resnick in her tell-all book about her deceased friend Nicole Brown Simpson on The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story when she started dishing out gossip could be best described as the look of two men who just won the jackpot. With Resnick discussing things like the scandalous "Brentwood Hello," it was no wonder the publishers rushed the book out. Considering that even at the time of its 1994 release, Resnick's book Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted was considered gossip, should the public really put too much stock in Resnick's words? Perhaps not, but, good lord, how can you not discuss something as ridiculous as this friggin' Brentwood Hello?

When the book was released, Brown's father condemned it as "T-R-A-S-H," according to the New York Times, while O.J. Simpson referred to it as "crap" in a CNN interview and claimed that Resnick wasn't actually that close with Brown. One thing that is certain, however, is that Connie Britton was thriving on American Crime Story as she snacked on a carrot and claimed (as Resnick) that her friendship with Brown included a lot of cocaine-fueled partying during the Feb. 23 episode, "100 Percent Not Guilty." She then said that Brown "loved to give a Brentwood Hello," which Britton's Resnick described as, "where she would go into a guy's bedroom while he was asleep and, you know, go down on him." Brentwood is the wealthy neighborhood in Los Angeles that Brown and Simpson lived in during the time of the murders, so Resnick "honored" her dead best friend by saying she liked to provide surprise oral sex around the neighborhood.

James Corden on The Late Late Show with James Corden is having the most fun watching and dissecting American Crime Story and as a resident of Brentwood, joked about this mythical greeting on his late-night show after the "100 Percent Not Guilty" episode aired.

While I'm much more inclined to agree with Corden band leader Reggie Watts that a Brentwood Hello is probably most likely to be a person just saying, "Hi, I've got money," this whole Brentwood Hello shenanigan is real. Well, real as in Resnick did absolutely write about it in her book after the murders of Brown and Ron Goldman. However, Vulture reported that the Brentwood Hello was actually a specific event mentioned in book, not an all-the-time occurrence, where after her divorce from Simpson, Brown had drinks at a neighbor's home and allegedly gave her engaged male neighbor the "blow-job of his life." This term for waking up a man with oral sex even has its own Urban Dictionary entries, from 2005 and 2007 — long before American Crime Story.

Though the FX series was correctly representing (for the most part) what is actually in Resnick's book, whether or not the real-life Resnick, who has been a fixture on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in recent years, was speaking the truth about her friend is something entirely different. But thanks to Resnick, anyone who intently followed the actual murder trial back in the '90s or is watching American Crime Story now, knows of this ridiculous anecdote.

Images: FX; televisiongifs/Tumblr