13 ‘E.R.’ Episodes To Get You In The Mood For Spring, Because Nothing Says A New Season Like These Classic Episodes

I can feel it in the air these days: The snow is melting, the temperature is increasing, and the sun is setting later in the day. Spring is on its way, people, and there’s no denying it now. With March just around the corner, it’s time to fully prepare for the best season of the year. (Fall, I love you, but you mean winter, which means bleh.) Spring really is like one big symbol of shaking off the dark and drearies and getting ready for the warmth and wonder. And with spring only weeks away, the best way to prepare for all of that exciting seasonal change is to start watching episodes of ER that will get you in the mood for Spring, because, trust me, there are plenty.

I know what you’re thinking: ER episodes for getting in the spring mood?

Well, yes. Because for fifteen seasons that show marked time for so many of us. We measured the holidays and the seasons by the 22 episodes of ER we were blessed with every year, and so no seasonal change seems right without a good ER binge-fest, if you ask me.

So if you’re itching for spring to get here ASAP, then queue up these amazing episodes of ER to get you in the mood for warmer weather and longer nights.

1. “Chicago Heat” (Season 1, Episode 6)


In this episode, the temperature tops 100 degrees outside, and the world seems to erupt in chaos because of it. Watching those hot doctors sweat through the heat will have you longing for those long summer days.

2. “Baby Shower” (Season 2, Episode 15)


Remember the time the ER was packed with pregnant women? All of their about-to-pop bellies will remind you fondly of all of that new spring life that is just on the horizon.

3. “Make A Wish” (Season 3, Episode 21)


With the buds forming on the trees outside, the ER staff celebrates Carol’s birthday in a way that will warm every one’s heart. Even when it’s freezing.

4. “Ambush” (Season 4, Episode 1)


Remember Elizabeth Corday’s first day? Nothing says springtime like new beginnings, and this Season 4 premiere was nothing if not that.

5. “Rites Of Spring” (Season 5, Episode 19)


It might be the title alone that qualifies this one, or the fact that it’s a doozy of an episode: Jeanie grapples with Hepatitis-C, Lucy is killing it in her psych rotation, and Carol announces that she’s pregnant when she gets kicked in the stomach.

6. “May Day” (Season 6, Episode 22)


By Season 6, there were not many light and fluffy moments. Carter was illegally injecting pain killers when no one was looking, the ER was a mess after a school shooting, and the staff was forced to care for the shooter and the victims. At least May is in the title? Happy Spring?

7. “April Showers” (Season 7, Episode 18)


When mishaps threaten to throw Corday and Greene’s wedding into upheaval, the big day is almost ruined by the rain. Kind of like how your perfect blowout will be during all of those April showers.

8. “On The Beach” (Season 8, Episode 21)


Get ready to cry your little heart out watching Dr. Greene spend his final days on a beach in Hawaii. At least it’s warmer than Chicago?

9. “When Night Meets Day” (Season 9, Episode 21)


When a patient in the ER is convinced that the solar eclipse means the end of the world, you’ll be glad that the ever-lengthening days just mean no more happy hours in the dark.

10. “Try Carter” (Season 11, Episode 3)


It’s the Fourth of July and of course Carter is the only attending working. Watch this chaotic episode unfold and look forward to the peak of summer celebrating.

11. “Blame It On The Rain” (Season 12, Episode 4)


The rain does crazy things to this ER, and this episode is no differently. A whole slew of patients come into the ER and sets everyone in a panic.

12. “Sea Change” (Season 13, Episode 22)


Everything in the ER has changed, just like everything in your life will change when the weather warms up and you can finally wear skirts again.

13. “I Feel Good” (Season 15, Episode 21)


This episode will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when the ER staff volunteers at a camps for kids with open-heart surgery. See! It’s not all dead babies and blood everywhere for this show.

So even though it may have initially been difficult to imagine this show about a hospital staff as a show that would get you in the mood for springs, you can see now how these episodes would do it. So put away your tights and hang up your mittens. The thaw is coming, my friends, and these episodes will definitely help you feel it.

Image: NBC; Giphy (13)