This 'Mob Wives' Feud Is Still Going On

Even before this season of Mob Wives had begun, there were rumors that Brittany Fogarty and Marissa Jade were going to get into it. After it seemed like a fight had been brewing between the show's newest cast members for most of the season, the ladies finally found themselves in a full-fledged brawl a couple of episodes back. OK, so it was more like Marissa clocked Brittany, and then a bunch of the production people had to keep the two separated as they tried to duke it out some more. But hey, a fight is a fight. So considering that it's now a few months after that dramatic moment and that there has been some continued animosity between the two on the show, are Brittany and Marissa still feuding today, or have they finally resolved their issues?

Well, it doesn't look like Marissa and Brittany will be friends anytime soon. In fact, Marissa wants nothing to do with her fellow Mob Wives newbie. She said she would "never" be friends with Brittany during a recent interview with Radar Online. “I would never friend somebody that I have to raise my hand to," she said. "Would you trust somebody?”

In fact, Marissa doesn't even regret hitting Brittany in the first place. “I think I handled the situation rather appropriately,” she also told Radar Online. “I mean I tried to speak to her like a woman. I tried to tell her to lower her voice. I tried my best to resolve what I could have to appease her because at the end of the day, I could care less about the conversation.”

As for Brittany, she stands by wanting to fight with Marissa as well, even if the security guards wouldn't let them truly have it out, as she explained on Twitter. "Soo lame- that's what I'm saying, what fight?! They wouldn't let us fight!" Brittany tweeted in agreement with someone who said it was "lame" that the security guards prevented them from fighting.

Brittany also knew Marissa was trouble from the moment she called her a "lush" earlier this season, she told TheWrap in January before their fight aired on Mob Wives. When asked if she thought the two could ever move past that moment she said, "I’m not ever going to want to be around people who I feel like are looking to start with me for no reason."

Marissa and Brittany haven't interacted much on social media since filming this season of Mob Wives, but when they do, it's usually to call each other out over something that happened in an episode of the show.

However, Brittany made things personal when she served up this low blow in reference to something Marissa said about her this season of Mob Wives before it even began.

But all in all, it seems like Brittany is too busy having a Twitter spat with castmate Karen Gravano these days. The two took to the social media platform on Monday to argue about media reports saying the two were disinvited from Angela "Big Ang" Raiola's memorial events last week because their fathers' pasts.

The thing about Mob Wives is when one conflict cools down, you can bet that another one is about to heat up.

Image: VH1