Rogelio May Be In Big Trouble On 'Jane The Virgin'

Oh boy, you guys. There are bad days and then there are BAD DAYS. Unfortunately, our beloved Rogelio just experienced the latter of those two very grim scenarios. Not only did he have a falling out with Jane when she chose to be there for Xo rather than him on his big premiere night, but Rogelio's stalker, Lola, also turned out to be his new assistant, Paolo. And being the overly trusting human being that he is (bless him), he willingly gave her all of his password and security information so that she could lock the two of them in his apartment together. Suffice to say, Rogelio may be in serious danger on Jane the Virgin since there's no telling what this crazy woman will do next. (Technical question: is it still referred to as a kidnapping if the abduction takes place and remains in the confines of your own house? Just some food for thought!)

As of now, it's unclear what exactly Lola's motives are — does she plan on marrying him? Harming him? Blackmailing him? (She does know a lot of his secrets, after all.) Granted, stalking and logic don't always go hand-in-hand, so she could just be winging it at this point. Either way, though, I am concerned and will not sleep soundly until I know that Rogelio will be safe and sound once again. And to make matters worse, Rogelio is currently on the outs with both Jane and Xo, which means it may take a while before anyone realizes he's in trouble.

Like I mentioned earlier, Rogelio was hurt when Jane showed up late to his premiere (having chosen to be there for her mom rather than him), so he told her he needed some space. Meanwhile, Xo thought it would be best if they stopped seeing each other so much, since neither of them were going to change their chance about having children. So basically, he's at the mercy of his stalker until further notice. In other words, pray for Rogelio.

Image: Scott Everett White/The CW