10 Spring Break Ideas Even If You're Not In School

Just because you are a fancy grownup doesn't mean you can't make the most of a few well-deserved spring break ideas. Easter is a good opportunity to get free days off work if your office takes them as public holidays, so why not use them to do something fun? All the kids partying in beach locations certainly are! But at the same time, as a grown-ass adult you probably want to avoid running into spring breakers of the college student variety — because nothing says "ruined holiday" like a crowd of rowdy twenty-somethings vomiting in the pool when you are trying to unwind with a fancy glass of wine and watch the sunset.

As winter's brutality comes to an end and spring finally starts to creep in, it can be nice to take a refreshing holiday. And while there are few things you miss about spring break from when you were in college, there are some things you can still look forward to as a grownup — like beachside locations. As an adult, you can most certainly do spring break, albeit in a more classy way. If you are looking for a little vacation to tide you over until the summer, here are some ideas for your adult spring break.

1. Austin, Texas

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During spring break, Austin is home to the SxSW, where you can listen to music, watch movies, learn about tech, and eat barbecue all week long. If you're looking for a little bit of excitement in your vacation, going to a cultural event like SxSW in a city that is, on any given week, filled with food and nightlife anyway, Austin is for you. It's still hustle and bustle fun, but with the adult elements of culture and food appreciation rather than just blind partying.

2. Berlin, Germany

When travel within the U.S. is at its most expensive (during spring break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other long weekend), it can be cheaper to travel to Europe. Berlin is a beautiful city in the spring. It's often uncomfortably hot in the summer and deathly cold in the winter, so spring is perfect. You can ride around the city on a bike soaking in history, eating at Berlin's amazing array of cafes and restaurants, or even spend a day at the markets and singing open air karaoke.

3. Visit Wine Country


A trip to the Malibu canyons or Napa, if it fits in your budget, would be an amazing way to spend spring break. Malibu Wines allows you to bring your own snacks, so you can taste its amazing wines and watch live music in the warm afternoon air. If those don't suit your spring break budget, see if there are any wineries or breweries around you that you can make a destination for travel. What's better than combining fine wine with luscious scenery?

4. The Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

If you're still after a tropical vacation without the stress of big crowds, The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica is a refuge. And it just so happens that January through April is the prime time to visit Costa Rica as it's dry and warm (as opposed to the opposite, which is wet and humid). I've never been but it's apparently relatively untouched and remote, and you'll get to see a lot of serene natural environment and jungle creatures. And Oprah endorses it, so there's that.

5. An American Natural Landmark


Why not spend spring break ticking something off the bucket list? The U.S. is full of natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park (as well as many other spectacular national parks), Niagara Falls (OK, you might have to cross into Canada for that one), the Everglades, the Finger Lakes, and Mount Rushmore (sure the faces aren't natural, but the beautiful forest and mountains around them are), to name a few. Be very grown up and tour the natural world, marveling in Mother Nature's mastery.

6. Park City, Utah

The opposite to a conventional spring break is a ski trip. Park City is a wonderful location because it's got a thriving local food culture (thanks to Sundance), so not only will you be able to hit the slopes, you can dine in style in the evenings too. If Park City doesn't suit you, there are mountains that will still be snow-capped peaks for skiing and other snow activities during spring break season, so don't pack away your woolies just yet if a snow-cation sounds like a perfect spring break to you.

7. An "Adults Only" Resort In Mexico


This just means that you can visit a location that might attract spring breakers, but at a resort that won't cater to them. So if you've got your eye on Mexico, you can still use your spring break/Easter holiday days to make the trip while also avoiding the crowds. It's a bit more expensive, but if you're ready to splurge, Caribbean Mexico is a leader in adult friendly travel. You might have to pass through Cancun to get where you're going, but you'll be thrilled to leave the party-goers behind.

8. The British Virgin Islands

How does an anchored boat that doubles as a bar sound to you? Or snorkeling in The Baths National Park? Or renting a house that overlooks crystal clear blue-green water as far as the eye can see? Sounds like a dream come true to me, although it's a reality in the British Virgin Islands.

9. Charleston, SC

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If you don't want cold or tropical and you're not into a big city but would still like something cosmopolitan but not too rowdy, Charleston might be the perfect balance of all those things. Charleston has a thriving restaurant scene, and South Carolina's beaches are within comfortable reach if you do decide you'd like to see the sea.

10. Have A Staycation

If you fancy a vacation but can't fathom the idea of actually traveling on a holiday week, why not have a staycation instead? Get to know the city you live in by doing things you normally wouldn't do, like eating all your meals at new cafes and restaurants, and strolling through parks, galleries, and other sights of the city. If you really want to splash out, you could even rent a luxury hotel room and treat yo' self to some pampering.

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