13 Signs You Definitely Need A Vacation

February is quickly coming to an end, and we will soon experience sunshine, short skirts, and, for lucky college cohorts, spring break. In a matter of days students across the country will flee to warmer destinations and, for all intensive purposes, go wild. For a week, they will soak up the sun and forget about the stresses that college can bring. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Sadly when you enter the real world, a spring break is not guaranteed. In fact, it's essentially non-existent. But that doesn't mean that adults don't deserve — or, more accurately, need — a week away during this time of year. Between the brutal winter weather, long hours at the office, and an obvious lack of sleep, an adult spring break seems necessary to the 20- and 30-something's survival. And they certainly need it more that those crazy college kids.

Disagree? Maybe it's because you never experienced an authentic spring break. But trust us when we say that spending a week or even a few days away will provide you with some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. Here, 13 signs that you desperately need a spring break. Not that you really needed us to tell you that.

1. You don't give a damn about being late to work anymore

When you wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning, you don't really care if you make it on time. After all, you no longer need to impress your boss by being the first one in the office. These days, you'd rather earn a few extra minutes of sleep than a pat on the back.

2. You cry when you see a pile of papers

When you left the office last night, your desk was clean. This morning, it's covered in documents — most of which are clearly meant for your lazy co-worker. You know better than to shed a tear at work, but this scene sends you to the nearest bathroom stall.

3. The number of cups of coffee you consume in one day is in the double digits

It's not because you enjoy the taste. Rather, you require an abundance of caffeine to survive the stress-filled and sleep-deprived day. Plus, it helps you ignore those severe stomach pains.

4. You can't muster up the strength for water cooler chitchat

Once a master of small talk, you can no longer stand the thought of conversing with a co-worker. Heck, even listening to a fellow employee sends you straight to eye roll mode.

5. You dream of warmer weather

Screw sugar plum fairies. Visions of sunshine, sand, and surf fill your head at all hours of the day. It's gotten to the point where these thoughts provide you with the tiniest bit of warmth and put a momentary end to the cold weather shivers.

6. You spend your free time scouring travel sites

You used to devote any spare second to viral videos. Now, you compare flight prices and check your bank account to see if a last-minute trip is actually feasible.

7. You've lost the ability to concentrate on anything

The long hours and lack of vacation have turned your brain into a useless pile of mush. The only way for you to get any work done is to take a break every five minutes. Scratch that: every three minutes.

8. You use a sick day to stay home and watch Netflix

Even though you can't afford of week-long trip, you know your brain and body need a day off. So you pull a Ferris Bueller and use these hours to catch up on House of Cards. Just avoid posting spoilers to social media, or your boss will know what's up.

9. You and your friends constantly talk about taking a trip

This isn't a passing topic you bring up over brunch. You ladies have literally planned every detail of your girls' getaway, from the hotel you'll stay at to the sights you'll see. Now if only you had a way to pay for it.

10. You've traded wine for frozen margaritas

Nothing cures a bad day like tequila, right? Though deep down you know a weeknight margarita may do more harm than good, this pseudo smoothie transports you to the tropical, tranquil vacation that you so desperately need. And to you, that's worth having a horrible hangover the next day.

11. You haven't seen grass in weeks

We joke that the winter months are the most depressing, but there is some truth to that. Suffering through snowstorms can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder, which has a horrible impact on your mood. Save your sanity by getting out in the sun ASAP.

12. You've established a pretty boring weekend routine

We fully support staying in on the occasional Saturday or Sunday. But when you spend every weekend curled up on the couch, you know something is wrong.

13. You deserve one!

No one needs a spring break more than someone who works hard, but rarely gets the chance to play hard. If colleges can give vacations to students who spend most of their time drinking, then surely you can justify spending a week away from the office.

Images: The Photography Muse/Flickr; Wiffle Gif (13)