Kylie Lip Kit Shoppers Take To Twitter Again

If you want to air your frustration, elation, or grievances, Twitter is the place to do it. Twitter reacted to the orange Kylie Lip Kit, named "22," which debuted yesterday. There is also a fresh batch of Twitter reactions to being shut out of the latest Kylie Lip Kit restock, which sold out in seven minutes according to a tweet issued by Kylie Jenner herself. Customers were once again shut out, dealing with an overloaded site that buffered and crashed. There also seemed to be a lot of shoppers that managed to update their carts, entered their billing and shipping info, and then learned the product they were attempting to buy had actually sold out.

Some shoppers expressed legit and increasing frustration, while others restored to humor and Kardashian family and even Oprah memes to get the point across.

At this point, Kylie Lip Kits have moved past their cult status and are legit beauty industry unicorns. But since I successfully shopped Koko K yesterday and I managed to purchase a Candy K Lip Kit a few weeks ago, I could relate to some of the issues Lip Kit coveters were complaining about, since I experienced them, too. But I also related to those who opted to laugh, as opposed to getting mad.

I also totally "got" why some users went a bit nuclear. A user was furious to the point of cursing about not getting a Lip Kit. But she also offered some business suggestions.

KJ let us know her Kits sold out in seven minutes.

Unicorn tears!

Ah, the same meme can be used to convey a totally different meaning. Funny how that works, right?

This user suggested a new process involving pre-orders.

You have to love it when a Kardashian meme is used against 'em!

It can be stressful, but the most stressful thing... ever? Nah!

This was a common reaction.

But it was not all negativity and disappointment! This user was so stoked she summoned Oprah!

DNA does have its privileges.

Mailman better be all like "Lookout!"

Sometimes you have to call in the big guns — mom!

While I did get two Kylie Lip Kits, I'd prefer winning the lottery, actually.

Feel the fury and the emoji.

Even the negative Twitter comments prove that Jenner has a hit on her hands with the Lip Kit. It's a great product and people want it. You have to believe she is trying her best to satisfy the customer and not to frustrate them purposely.