This Season Of 'The Bachelor' Has Been Super Cute

Every season of The Bachelor is so different, it's hard to compare them to each other. But now that we're down to the final rose, I think I can safely say that Ben Higgins' Bachelor season is one of my favorites. Between how adorable Ben is and how interesting so many of the women fighting for his heart are, there's not a lot not to like. There's been a lot less crying than what we saw on Chris Soules' season, and a bit more villain drama, and just thinking about it makes me miss Olivia and her mouth. But although there have been a few volatile moments, there have also been plenty of sweet moments on The Bachelor , too.

OK, yeah, so nothing changes the fact that every time Ben does something cute for one woman, he's thinking about a few others, too, but that's just the way the show works. And that fact doesn't take away from how adorable some of these moments have been. He might not be Perfect Ben all the time, but he comes pretty close. And seeing the friendships that have formed between the contestants has been pretty sweet to watch, too.

Here are all of the sweetest moments from this season of The Bachelor. Can this season just never end?!

1. Ben's Phone Call To His Parents On The First Night

This is a guy who really, really loves his family, so it was adorable how he called them to update them on the limo arrivals process and let them know how things are going. Ben's relationship with his mom and dad is seriously the cutest.

2. When Ben Gave Out Gifts

Early on in the season, Ben brought back gifts to women who didn't go on the group date to let them know he was thinking about them. Such a sweet gesture, and something most Bachelors don't normally do.

3. When He Supported Jubilee When She Told Him About Her Past

Even though it was difficult, Jubilee opened up to Ben about what happened to her as a child and told him she was the only living member left in her family and the guilt she felt about that. And even though he totally wasn't expecting their one-on-one date to take that kind of turn, his response was perfect. He was full of empathy and concern, and it was sweet to see him validate her feelings and what that meant to her.

4. JoJo & Becca's Entire Friendship

Especially when they just gave up during the cooking date in Mexico. Yeah, don't blame them!

5. When Everyone Comforted Lauren B. After The Leah Thing

It was pretty shocking when Leah went on a vendetta against Lauren B., but then, it was really heartwarming to see everyone defend and comfort Lauren when she heard someone was telling Ben negative things about her. That alone was proof of Lauren's character — and that the women on this season really do support each other.

6. The Wrigley Field Date

JoJo and Ben on a baseball field, just the two of them, was probably one of the most adorable dates I have ever seen. Way better than the cliché hot air balloon date!

7. When Ben Cheered Up The Crying Kid At The Boys & Girls Club

When Ben took Lauren to the Boys and Girls Club he volunteers at for one of their dates, seeing him take the shy, crying little boy aside and get him involved with the rest of the kids is enough to convince me that he's going to be an awesome dad someday.

8. When Everyone Hugged Emily After She Got Eliminated

Ben sending Emily home was devastating for her, but everyone was waiting with open arms to hug her and let her cry it out before she packed her bags and left. She might not have made a huge impression on Ben, but she definitely left one on the other contestants.

9. When Ben Played With Amanda's Kids On The Beach

Just like the Boys and Girls Club date, it's hard to resist Ben with kids. Seriously so precious.

10. When Lauren's Dad Called Her Lolo

So much love in this family. What a nickname!

11. Every Single Minute Of Caila's Dad's Screen Time

Especially the private talk Caila and her dad had about Ben and her feelings for him. There's obviously a really awesome bond between the two of them, and it was so cute to see it play out on screen.

12. When Ben Cried About His Feelings For Lauren

Lauren's sister, Mollie, asked him why he thinks Lauren is special, and Ben couldn't reply without getting choked up. Ben! My heart!

13. When Ben Told Lauren He Loves Her

Not that it hadn't been obvious the entire time, though.

14. And When He Told JoJo The Same Thing

OK, a little less adorable since he'd dropped the same L-bomb on Lauren the date before, but it was still really sweet to see how happy it made JoJo.

This season of The Bachelor was so cute that the next guy has a lot to live up to. Good luck, bro.

Image: Levy Moroshan/ABC