How To Channel 'GoT's' Sand Snakes IRL

There are so many badass women in popular culture, like The Bride from Kill Bill and Imperator Furiosa of Mad Max: Fury Road. But right up there in the league of tough cookies are the Sand Snakes of Game Of Thrones. The Sand Snakes of Dorne are a trio of sisters whose father, Prince Oberyn Martell, died in combat during Season 4. It's only blood they share, but their late father's ability to fight. Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene have each mastered a weapon, and they can be deadly when they want to be.

When the Sand Snakes were introduced in Season 5, there was quite a buzz online regarding these three femme fatales. As well as being strong, complex warriors, they also had phenomenal style. What I love about the Sand Snakes' attire is that they are not dressed solely to satisfy the male gaze. They appear to be dressed accordingly for combat and for the warm Dornish climate. Of course, they dress up when the occasion dictates formal attire, and they look equally stunning when wearing battle garb or floaty feminine maxi dresses.

The Sand Snakes prove that women can be equal parts tough and beautiful. Plus, they totally slay the archaic "damsel in distress" tropes. So while we await the April premiere of Season 6, here's how to recreate their looks IRL.

1. The Armor Inspired Top

Be ready for whatever life throws at you in an armor-esque top.

Women's Armor Top, $109,

This vegan leather top is a subtle way to put warrior vibes into your wardrobe.

Warrior Lady's Half Corset, $349.99,

Go the whole hog and sport a half corset that can be custom-made to your measurements.

2. The Body Harness

Look like you know your stuff when it comes to battle accessories in a cool body harness worn over your clothes.

Brown Leather Body Harness, $44,

Ward off your enemies in this awesome body harness.

3. The Leather-Look Skirt

Move freely in a leather-look, skater style skirt like our favorite serpentine sisters.

Amalia Pleated Leather Look Mini Skirt, $26,

Go all out gladiator in a pleated, leather-look mini.

Plus Size Faux Leather Skater Skirt, $19.90,

Try this chocolate brown skirt on for size if you want to become a plus size Sand Snake.

4. The Scaly Garment

Flaunt a scaly item and get ready to strike down those who do you wrong. Or at least give them a stony glare.

Madam Rage Snake Print Dress, $33,

No one need know about your venomous side in this pretty, snake print dress.

ASOS Curve High Waist Legging In Snake Print With Deep Waistband, $24.50,

These body-hugging leggings are sure to become your second skin.

5. The Battle Cuff

Come over all tough in an edgy wrist cuff.

Copper Vegan Leather Cuff, $12,

I'm sure the Sand Snakes would approve of the addition of spikes to their plain wrist cuffs.

6. The Exaggerated Shoulder

Much like a cobra preparing to strike, the Sand Snakes' combat clothes — the exaggerated shoulders in particular — made them look bigger than they actually were.

Fashion Shoulder Pad, $62.54,

Add a shoulder pad or two to your favorite top or dress to make you look like you mean business.

7. The Sandy Scarf

Keep yourself protected from the sun on hot summer days with a chic, sandy-colored scarf.

Ultra Long Gorgeous Style Soft Scarves Shawl, $11.99,

Keep your hair under wraps on sweltering days or when you're on the road.

8. The Golden Trinket

It's always best to keep your valuables where you can see them, right?

Eyland Ceylon Snake Necklace, $47,

Show your allegiance to the Sand Snakes with a reptilian necklace.

9. The Thick Brown Belt

Keep your clothes tight to your body and out of the way of your opponent with a sturdy, brown belt.

Boldly Buckled Belt In Cognac, $24.99,

Buckle up this brown belt and get ready for your next adventure.

Woven Double Buckle Stretch Belt, $22.50,

If black is more your color, try this double buckle belt on for size.

10. The Leggings In Earthy Shades

When you're high-kicking, rolling, and jumping around, you're going to need some coverage.

Simple and Sleek Leggings In Mocha, $19.99,

These brown leggings should do the trick and they're available in sizes XS to 4X.

11. The Floaty Dresses

Who says a warrior can't have her traditionally feminine moments, too? These gals look divine in floaty fabrics.

Asos Kimono Plunge Maxi Dress, $83,

Go super girly in a pretty pink maxi dress.

ASOS Curve Wedding Maxi Dress With Lace Back, $120,

Choose a sandy shade for a style that's in keeping with the feisty trio.

Now go forth and prepare yourself for Game Of Thrones Season 6 with threads that would seduce a Sand Snake.

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Images: HBO (12); Courtesy Brands