Whoopi Goldberg, Back In The Habit On 'Broad City'

Whoopi Goldberg is having quite a week between helping Chris Rock host during the Oscars on Feb. 28 and now being on Broad City. While donning a habit, Whoopi Goldberg made a Sister Act cameo on Broad City and channeled her fake nun Sister Mary Clarence for a dream sequence toward the end of the episode "Game Over." The over-the-top reenactment of the "Joyful, Joyful" song from Sister Act 2 came in honor of Ilana finally getting fired from her job, thanks to Vanessa Williams showing up as an investor in the company. Ilana's favorite coworker at Deals Deals Deals, Nicole, celebrated Ilana's departure by imagining performing a jubilant celebration in the style of Sister Act, complete with the real deal Goldberg by her side.

While it was known that the actress and The View host would be on Season 3 of Broad City, there was still something magical in the moment when Goldberg turned around on screen in her iconic nun costume. "That was just so un-be-lievable that Whoopi was down with that. That was such a ridiculous gift from the heavens," Ilana Glazer told Vogue . "Were you shocked when you saw that? You don’t think she’s going to turn around and be her? We filmed it and wrote it and when it was her, every time, we gasped. That was just like a lifelong gift."

Just as Goldberg's appearance on Broad City will be a lifelong gift to the creators and fans, so will Ilana's firing from Deals Deals Deals be for Nicole. Since Ilana will no longer be in the online coupon game, this dance party may also be the last we'll see of the long-suffering Nicole and Ilana's boss Todd. So if this was Broad City's way of sending off guest actors Nicole Drespel and Chris Gethard, along with Ilana's other colleagues, they really couldn't have asked for a more memorable conclusion to the Deals Deals Deals storyline. As Nicole gleefully said in her audio log on Ilana's work behavior, "It ends. I'm free!"

See below how Broad City's version of "Joyful, Joyful" (complete with '90s garb, a mash-up with Janet Jackson's "What Have You Done For Me Lately," and a sign language translator) held up against the original version in Sister Act 2 with Lauryn Hill and — of course — none other than Whoopi Goldberg.

Images: Comedy Central (2)