8 Hacks To Find A Perfect Book Club Book

by Alex Weiss

If you thought it was difficult to decide on which new show to binge watch on Netflix, think about how to find the perfect book club book. When it's up to you to find a book that everyone will enjoy reading, discussing, and not hate you for spending hours of their time on, it's stressful. There are so many books to choose from, and with a ton of different opinions, preferences, and views just within your small club, it can feel near impossible to do so.

But fear not, because while finding a mutually loved book for your book club isn't an easy task, there are a few tricks that just might help you out. First of all, make sure you get to know your book club as quickly as possible. The more you know, like whether or not certain people despise or love a certain genre, author, or style of writing, the easier it'll be when it comes to book choices. It can be easy to go with the most marketed and newest book on the shelves (which isn't a bad thing), but it doesn't always guarantee everyone will love it.

So while you get to know your book club, bring a bottle of wine and some snacks, relax, and use these eight hacks to picking out a book for your book club that everyone is bound to enjoy:

1. Scan A Book Club List Together

Going through a great book club list like this one is fun, but instead of doing it on your own, bring it up during a book club meeting. Have everyone take out their phones, or go through it on a screen big enough for everyone to see, and discuss what sounds good. You'll probably run into a few mixed reviews, as well as a couple hard passes, but there will more than likely be an overall agreement on one or two books. If everyone can agree on a book right out the gate, then it's going to be a fun experience for everyone.

2. If Your Have A Large Book Club, Always Offer Two Or More Reading Options

If you have 10 or more people within your book club, it's safe to bet that you've got some diverse preferences. Offering two or more options will allow people to feel a bit more freedom when it comes to book choices. It's also great because you can split into small groups for discussion and come back together at the end and tell each other about the ups and downs of each book choice.

3. Ask Everyone To Keep An Ongoing TBR List

If everyone is constantly keeping track of what they want to read and are sharing it with each other, you're bound to run into a few crossovers. Especially if you keep the TBR list limited to current or newly published books, it'll make the book choice decision much smoother.

4. Pick A Weekly Or Monthly Theme

Everything is more fun with a theme. If it's nearing summertime, pick a beach read to get everyone in the sunshine mood. If it's Black History Month, choose an appropriate author and book to celebrate. If one of your book club members just return from an international trip, find a book written by a native author or one taking place in that country. The options are endless!

5. Choose A Book That's Going To Be Adapted Into A Film Soon

Everyone naturally gets more into a book when it's becoming a movie. Plan the read around the movie release day so you and your club can take a break from the average discussion night and instead go see a movie together.

6. Take A Field Trip To A Bookstore

Speaking of breaking up the routine, try taking a trip to a bookstore, or even a library together. Spread out and take note on where everyone naturally drifts. Did the majority of your group stick to the literary section, or find their way upstairs to the YA shelves? If everyone is spread out, it's probably a good sign you should keep your book choices diverse and open-ended. Make sure to come together at the end and share your newest finds because one, or even a couple, might just be your next book choices.

7. Visit Old Favorites

How long has it been since you and your club has read Harry Potter? Was the last time you all read To Kill a Mockingbird in middle school? Break out the old favorites and read them for fun. It'll spark some nostalgia and bring out fond memories that everyone will enjoy.

8. When In Doubt, Pick Something Funny

If you can't decide on what to read, always go for something funny. Read Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? or Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If everyone is bursting out laughing while reading, it's a solid sign that you made an excellent book choice for your whole group.

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